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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
3b5fII 6,83b2book 1541 59 productae: .i. deithbir limm na litrae olchaenae
[‘i.e. lawful, I deem (for) the other letters (to be brevissimae partes)’] [analysis]
3b34agII 7,4book 1541 59 earum: (m.d.) stirps uinse .r. ante .p. and sudet qui legat
[‘stirps: here is r before p therein’] [analysis]
5a m.s.aII 9,6book 159 +(m.s.) bene est hic
7b19tII 14,14book 1212 59 *comprobatur: .i. laudatur .i. difficile
10a3bII 20,9book 159 +c: (m.s.) ista ratio prevalet contra illos qui c. infringunt ⁊ sibilant
10a4eII 20,10book 159 (ph) sive (f): is cummmae limm etir .ph. ⁊ f.
[‘it is the same to me, both ph and f’] [analysis]
14a15lII 29,214a5book 1543 59 vau: .i. addita .í. cenid·eper-sem
[‘i.e. i being added (nauta nav-i-ta etc.), though he (Priscian) does not say it’] [analysis]
16a m.i.qqII 34,1book 159 (m.i.) Ox .I.
21b15lII 45,9book 225 59 oblitus: (m.d.) .i. ob ⁊ livitus ⁊ per sinagopam litus. reliqua masued {= E 16v5 sincopam oblitus E reliqua masued om. E}
[‘i.e. ob and livitus and by syncope litus etc. if it is so’]
22a1dII 45,2422a1book 259 quacumque: .i. ní ecen a ḟorcomét adi
[‘i.e. it is not necessary to observe this’] [analysis]
23b18"mII 49,523b3book 259 h: is airdircu epirt limm son
[‘I think I need not say this’] [analysis]
26b4eII 54,1626b3book 2541 59 nam: is follus nach mór bríg articuil linni
[‘it is clear that with us the article is not of much account’] [analysis]
27a4cII 55,15book 259 similia: (m.l.) vide deligenter
30a15wII 61,630a8book 212 59 servant: .i. dóig linn bed n-acuit preter qualis ⁊ co·mbad chircunflex far suidiu .-
[‘i.e. it seems to us that it is the acute, except (on) qualis, and that it is the circumflex on this.’] [analysis]
31b18hhII 65,1131b12book 2543 59 licentia: (m.l.) .i. issí poetica licentia and tormach inna á. tantum ⁊ ní·fil imchloud cenéiuil na diill and ut erratici putant .i. mael- cua-
[‘i.e. this is the poetic license there, the adding of the a only, and there is no change of gender or declension in it, as the blunderers, i.e. Mael... and Cua... suppose’] [analysis]
32a m.i.qqII 67,12book 259 (m.i.) O II
32b27xII 68,1032b5book 258 59 dane: (m.l.) .i. dava as maith li alaailiu and ní·fitemmar can do·berr
[‘i.e. (it is) daua that some like here; we know not whence it is brought’] [analysis]
42 m.s.aII 91,4book 359 (m.s.) fave brigita
44a3bII 97,9book 358 59 (m.l.) quod non melius .,
45b7qII 101,2245b10book 3211 59 patriciolus: paträcáin .i. quasi füisset {cf. E 30v13 .i. patrican .i. quamvis sit magnus}
[‘of little Patrick; i.e. as if he had been !’] [analysis]
48 m.i.wII 110,21book 359 (m.i.) Ox III
49b m.i.ppII 116,249b23book 359 (m.i.) Caní románda .ó. is fir son
[‘is not o Roman ? this is true’] [analysis]
50 m.i.ssII 118,12book 459 (m.i.) feria cai hodie (script. ogamica) [analysis]
50b17uII 118,23book 4561 59 tiburtum: civitas .i. masued {cf. E 34r25 nomen civitatis}
[‘if it is so’] [analysis]
52b m.s.aII 122,14106book 459 (m.s.) daman ṡianach
[‘sound-making daman’] [analysis]
54b17"mII 127,24book 4331 59 furens: as coimtig
[‘that is usual’] [analysis]
64 m.i.ttII 151,14book 559 (m.i.) Ox IIII
65a7bII 153,1965a1book 559 lapis: níbu machdath do·rónta dia dind liac
[‘it was no wonder that a god should have been made of the stone’] [analysis]
70a m.s.aII 168,3book 559 (m.s.) fel martain (script. ogamica)
[‘feast of Martinus’] [analysis]
71b m.s.aII 172,25book 559 (m.s.) Xriste benedic
73b4aII 177,1373b1book 5543 59 separatim: gnáe far figuir insin far leth farleth .i. tresṅgné
[‘that is a subdivision of ‘figura’ apart; apart, that is by reason of the subdivision’] [analysis]
77a m.s.aII 185,13book 559 +(m.s.) omnium
77b15lII 186,25book 5541 59 mei (presciani): .i. non servat ordinem personarum verborum
88,24fII 191,9book 5566[?] 59 221 *βασιλ*ευε: proprium masued
[‘a proper name if it is’] [analysis]
89 m.i.aII 191,14book 559 (m.i.) Ox V
90a35nII 195,990a6book 6541 59 [(homani)] erroris: ar ní coimtig duine cenchomrorcain
[‘for not frequent is one without error’] [analysis]
90b35tII 196,2390b7book 6541 59 53 nullus: .i. cid ara nílaigedar árim .a. nullus quia compositum ut inante/ ostendet.
[‘i.e. why does nullus form a plural number? because it is a compound, as he will show afterwards’] [analysis]
92a m.s.aII 201,16book 659 (m.s.) sancta brigita intercedat pro me
100a31sII 233,13100a7book 6541 58 59 plenius (secundus): nítuc adesimrecht
[‘he has not cited its example’] [analysis]
102a m.s.aII 239,1book 659 (m.s.) Rex
105a m.i.fII 250,7book 659 (m.i.) ox VI
112a m.s.aII 274,16112book 659 IS acher ingáith innocht . fufuasna faircggae findḟolt ni ágor réimm mora minn . dondláechraid lainn oua lothlind
[‘Bitter is the wind tonight, it tosses the ocean’s white hair: I fear not the coursing of a clear sea by the fierce heroes from Lothlend’] [analysis]
114a m.s.aII 282,5114abook 659 +(m.s.) bendacht. for anmmain ferguso. amen.- mar uar dom .-
[‘A blessing on the soul of Fergus. Amen. I am very cold’] [analysis]
115a m.s.aII 285,11book 759 (m.s.) lan .ba(?)
118a m.s.aII 295,20book 759 (m.s.) ... fave ...
121 m.i.mII 306,21book 759 (m.i.) Ox VII
121b m.i.hII 309,16book 759 (m.i.) Ox VII
122a42lII 311,15book 759 52 in ul (brevem): (subs.) X
122b9''aII 311,18book 759 52 in ir (correptam): (m.l.) XX
122b19''bII 311,21book 759 52 in os (correptam): (m.l.) XXX
122b29''cII 311,22book 759 52 in uns: (m.l.) XL
122b40''eII 311,24book 759 52 in ebs (productam): (m.l.) L
122b7"fII 312,1book 759 52 in ax (productam): ( .LX.
122b17"gII 312,4book 759 52 in aex: ( .LXX.
122b25"hII 312,5book 759 52 in ut: ( .LXX.VIII.
124a11bII 317,17124a1book 7211 51 59 tetis: .i. foirggae masued
[‘i.e. the sea (Thetis) if it is so’] [analysis]
125b3II 322,19book 758?[?] 59?[?] (m.l.) q (? haec lelex RHGLK?)
128a10cII 331,18book 759 [(ab) ery]thro (mare): (m.l.) quod non melius
134a42eII 357,4book 759?[?] 58?[?] (m.d.) ┼- mael tuli
137a m.i.kII 368,7book 759 (m.i.) Ox .VIII.
137b5II 369,3book 859 (m.l.) P*
138b10II 372,13book 859 (m.l.) P*
150a m.s.aII 409,17book 859 (m.s.) vinniane fave
153 m.i.gII 422,9book 859 (m.i.) Ox IX
157a m.s.aII 434,14book 859 (m.s.) hucusque calvus patricii depinxit
157 m.s.bII 434,14book 859 (m.s.) χρistε fave
158a m.s.aII 437,28165book 859 (m.s.) sén anóibingen
[‘Bless, Holy Virgin’] [analysis]
159a m.s.aII 440,16book 859 (m.s.) ruadri adest
160b24kII 446,3160b3book 8211 59 perfectum: dogniam ám
[‘we indeed make’] [analysis]
162b2bII 452,9162b2book 9543 59 quibus: .i. ba immaircide cenobed indi incum/scugud bís hi/cechtar dali/no ar iscob/nesta friu/ diblí/naib.
[‘i.e. it was fitting that in it (the termination of participles) should be the change (lit. movement) which is in each of the two, for it is akin to them both’] [analysis]
165 m.i.gII 461,9170book 959 (m.i.) is dorchae dom
[‘it is dark for me’] [analysis]
168a m.s.aII 467,17book 959 (?)(m.s.) .........
169a m.s.aII 471,13book 959 (m.s.) ......?
169a m.i.kII 473,3book 959 (m.i.) Ox X
170a m.s.aII 475,24172book 959 (m.s.) minchasc (script. ogamica)
[‘little easter’] [analysis]
171a m.s.aII 480,15book 959 (m.s.l.) χb- (Christe benedic)
171b m.s.aII 481,29book 959 (m.s.) fave brigita
172a m.s.aII 484,1book 959 (m.s.) χb- (Christe benedic)
173a m.s.aII 488,9book 959 (m.s.) fave brigita
175a m.s.aII 497,16book 1059 (m.s.) χρiste adiuva
176a m.s.aII 502,1book 1059 (m.s.) sancta brigita
176b m.s.aII 504,9174book 1059 (m.s.) uit mochrob
[‘alas! my hand’] [analysis]
177a m.s.aII 506,5book 1059 (m.s.) sancta trinitas
178b m.s.aII 511,13book 1059 (m.s.) criste benedic
179a m.s.aII 513,16book 1059 (m.s.) χriste benedic
180a m.s.aII 518,8book 1059 (m.s.) χriste benedic
181a m.s.aII 522,14book 1059 (m.s.) fave patricie
182a m.s.aII 526,13book 1059 (m.s.) fave brigita
182b m.s.aII 528,9176book 1059 (m.s.) finguine
183a m.s.aII 529,11book 1059 (m.s.) criste benedic
183b m.s.aII 530,26book 1059 (m.s.) criste benedic
184a m.s.aII 532,23book 1059 (m.s.) criste benedic
184b m.s.aII 534,23book 1059 (m.s.) sancta brigita oret pro nobis
185a m.s.aII 536,16book 1059 criste benedic
185 m.i.lII 538,25book 1059 (medio m.i.) Q XI
186a m.s.aII 540,9book 1059 criste benedic
187a24lII 545,15187a3book 10423 59 desyllabis: .i. verbis vel sopinis vel participiis. olṡodin asasu.
[‘which is easier’] [analysis]
187a24nII 545,15book 1025 59 incitus: .i. incieo
187a24pII 545,15187a4book 1059 illitus: ní réid
[‘it is not easy’] [analysis]
188a13sII 549,9188a12book 11541 59 quod: (m.s.) airc manip hinunn/ etargnae don dírui/digthiu frisacétnide/ fedir amal ṡodin andí/ruidigthe dochum nacha rainne aile. ut bene ⁊ male.,
[‘Difficulty! Unless the notion of the derivative be not the same as the primitive, the derivative in that case carried to some other part (of speech) as bene and male’] [analysis]
189a m.s.aII 551,17book 1159 criste benedic
189a m.s.bII 551,17182book 1159 lathaeirt
[‘drunkenness’] [analysis]
190a m.s.aII 554,7book 1159 (m.s.) criste benedic
190a m.s.bII 554,7book 1159 (m.s.) patricie fave
190a m.s.cII 554,7book 1159 (m.s.) follega
[‘it [the ink] leaks’] [analysis]
191a m.s.aII 557,3book 1159 (m.s.) criste benedic
191b m.s.aII 558,8book 1159 fave brigita
192a m.s.aII 559,29book 1159 (m.s.) criste fave
192a m.s.bII 559,29book 1159 (m.s.) sancta brigita adiuva scriptorem istius artis
192b34nII 562,21book 11221 543 59 οοπλισεις: nomen και: 7 οοπλιστης: participium ⁊ sic in reliquis masued/ amin
[‘if it be so’] [analysis]
193a m.s.aII 562,21book 1159 (m.s.) criste benedic
193a m.s.bII 562,21193abook 1159 (m.s.) cocart (scriptura oghamica)
[‘correction’] [analysis]
193b m.s.aII 564,15book 1159 criste benedic
194a m.s.aII 565,26book 1159 (m.s.) criste benedic
194a m.i.lII 567,12194abook 1159 (m.i.) do inis maddoc dún .i. meisse ⁊ choirbbre
[‘We are from Inis Maddoc i.e. Coirbbre and I’] [analysis]
194b m.s.aII 567,12book 1159 (m.s.) donngus
[‘Dongus’] [analysis]
194b m.s.bII 567,12194bbook 1159 (m.s.) cocart (scriptura ogamica)
195a m.s.aII 569,6book 1159 (m.s.) criste benedic
195a m.s.bII 569,6195abook 1159 (m.s.) cocart (scriptura ogamica)
[‘correction’] [analysis]
195a m.s.cII 569,6195abook 1159 (m.s.) is gann in memr- et ascribend
[‘The parchment is rough (? ’difficilis’ Nigra) and the writing’]
195b m.s.aII 570,6book 1159 (m.s.) sancta brigita
195b m.i.nII 571,25195bbook 1159 (m.i.) ní áermall roscríbad in letráim so
[‘This page has not been written very slowly’] [analysis]
196a m.s.aII 571,25book 1159 (m.s.) criste benedic
196a m.s.bII 571,25book 1159 (m.s.) sancta brigita
196a m.s.cII 571,25196abook 1159 acocart inso (scriptura ogamica)
[‘this is their correction’] [analysis]
197a m.s.aII 574,12book 1159 (m.s.) sancta brigita
197b15oII 578,21197b8book 12543 59 eius: frecndairc. ám
[‘present indeed’] [analysis]
198a m.s.aII 579,24book 1259 (m.s.) criste benedic
198a m.s.bII 579,24book 1259 (m.s.) sancta brigita fave?..
198a16sII 580,9198a10book 12541 59 verba: .i. adart fochenn naisdísen anisiu
[‘i.e. this is ‘Pillow under the head’ of a statement’] [analysis]
199a m.s.aII 582,16book 1259 (m.s.) criste benedic
199a m.i.nII 584,7193book 1259 (m.i.) ní mmall
[‘it is not slow’] [analysis]
201a m.s.aII 588,12book 1259 (m.s.) criste fave
201 m.i.ffII 589,25book 1259 (m.i.) Ox XII
201b27aaII 590,23book 124226 59 servant: in medio olseatsom
[‘in medio say they’] [analysis]
202a m.s.aII 591,11book 1259 (m.s.) criste benedic
203a m.s.aII 594,15book 1259 (m.s.) sancta brigita
203a m.i.m.l.adII 595,27203abook 1259 (m.i.m.l.) aithas patric ⁊ brig- ar máel/ brigtae namba olcc ammenma frimm/ arinscribund roscribad indulso
[‘... of Patrick and Brigit on Mael Brigte, that he may not be angry with me for the writing that has been written this time’]
203-4 m.i.aeII 595,27203book 1259 (m.i.) Domfarcai fidbaidae fál. fomchain lóid luin lúad nad cél. huas mo lebrán indlínech. fomchain trírech innaṅén .., Fommchain cói menn medair mass. hiṁbrot glass de dindgnaib doss. debrath nomchoimmdiu cóima. cáinscríbaimm foróida r<oss>.
[‘A hedge of trees surrounds me: a blackbird’s lay sings to me—praise which I will not hide— above my booklet the lined one the trilling of the birds sings to me. In a gray mantle the cuckoo’s beautiful chant sings to me from the tops of bushes: may the Lord be kind to me! I write well under the greenwood’] [analysis]
203a m.i.afII 595,27203abook 1259 (m.i.) maraith sercc céin mardda aithne a máelecán
[‘Love remains as long as property (lit. deposit, ,opes’ Nigra) remains, O Maellecan’] [analysis]
203b1 m.s.aII 595,27book 1259 (m.s.) criste benedic
204a m.s.aII 597,3book 1259 (m.s.) criste benedic
204b m.s.aIII 1,18202book 1359 (m.s.) latheirt
[‘drunkenness’] [analysis]
205a m.s.aIII 3,12book 1359 (m.s.) criste benedic
206a m.s.aIII 6,5book 1359 (m.s.) criste benedic
206b m.s.aIII 7,11book 1359 (m.s.) brigita adiuva
207b m.s.aIII 11,2book 1359 (m.s.) dongus
[‘Dongus’] [analysis]
208a m.s.aIII 12,14book 1359 (m.s.) auctor adiuva lucis aeternae
209a m.s.aIII 14,25book 1359 (m.s.) fave ιης
209b m.i.aiIII 17,26book 1359 (m.i.) sudet qui legat/ difficilis est ista pagina
210a m.s.aIII 17,26book 1359 (m.s.) χriste benedic
210b m.i.oIII 20,21211book 1359 (m.i.) tiach didiu mad ferr lat .i. d. o. o.
[‘I will go then, if you prefer it’] [analysis]
211a m.s.aIII 20,21book 1359 (m.s.) χriste benedic
211a m.i.hhIII 21,25212book 1359 (m.i.) .., uch mochliab anóib ingen..-
[‘O my breast, Holy Virgin’] [analysis]
212a m.s.aIII 22,30book 1359 (m.s.) criste benedic
212b m.i.zIII 25,28book 1459 (m.i.) tertia hora
213a m.s.aIII 25,28215book 1459 (m.s.) grácad
[‘croaking’] [analysis]
214a m.s.aIII 28,14book 1459 (m.s.) χriste benedic
214a m.s.bIII 28,14215book 1459 (m.s.) ? de drochdub faigde ?dim ?indiu
[‘? from bad ink, a begging of something today (?)’] [analysis]
215a m.s.aIII 30,28book 1459 (m.s.) sanctus patricius
215a m.s. bIII 30,28book 1459 (m.s.) criste benedic
216a m.s.aIII 34,1book 1459 (m.s.) criste benedic
217a m.s.aIII 36,19book 1459 (m.s.) criste benedic
217 m.i.uIII 37,23book 1459 (m.i.) Ox XIII
217a m.i.wIII 37,23217abook 1459 (m.i.) memmbrum naue droch dub ó ní epur na haill
[‘New parchment, bad ink. O I say nothing more.’] [analysis]
218a m.s.aIII 39,6book 1459 (m.s.) in nomine almi spiritus
219a m.s.aIII 41,17219abook 1459 (m.s.) inmaith
219a m.s.bIII 41,17book 1459 (m.s.) criste benedic
219b m.s.aIII 42,28219bbook 1459 (m.s.) cobthach
[‘well’] [analysis]
220 m.s.aIII 45,21book 1459 (m.s.) gracad
[‘croaking’] [analysis]
221 m.s.aIII 47,13book 1459 (m.s.) in nomine sancti diormitii
222a m.s.aIII 49,23book 1459 (m.s.) criste benedic
222a m.s.bIII 49,23book 1459 (m.s.) sanctus diormitius oret pro nobis
223a m.s.aIII 53,8book 1459 (m.s.) feria diormitii
223b m.s.aIII 54,13book 1459 (m.s.) gracad
[‘croaking’] [analysis]
226a m.s.aIII 65,13224book 1559 (m.s.) mochoe noiṅdrommo
[‘Mochae of Oendrium’] [analysis]
227a m.s.aIII 68,28book 1559 (m.s.) criste benedic
227a37III 71,8book 1559 (m.l.) Px (dirivantur .. sensim sine err.)
228a m.s.aIII 73,7224book 1559 (m.s.) is gann membrumm
[‘the parchment is scanty’] [analysis]
228b m.i.fIII 77,2book 1559 (m.i.) tempus est prandii
229a m.s.aIII 77,2229abook 1559 (m.s.) Gaib do chuil isin charcair . ni róis chluim na colcaid truag insin amail bachal . rot giuil indṡrathar dodcaid
[‘Take your corner in the prison: you shall reach neither down nor pallet: sad is that, you servant of the rods, the packsaddle of ill-luck has stuck to you’] [analysis]
229a m.s.bIII 77,2book 1559 (m.s.) criste benedic
231a m.s.aIII 84,3224book 1559 (m.s.) medon lai
[‘mid-day’] [analysis]
231a m.s.bIII 84,3book 1559 (m.s.) criste benedic
231b m.s.aIII 85,23book 1559 (m.s.) favé criste
232a m.s.aIII 87,18book 1559 (m.s.) criste benedic
233a m.s.aIII 90,24224book 1559 (m.s.) satharnn samchasc
[‘Saturday of the sommer-pasch’] [analysis]
233 m.i.iIII 93,10book 1659 (m.i.) ox XIIII
233b m.s.aIII 93,10book 1659 +(m.s.) amen
235a m.s.aIII 98,14book 1659 (m.s.) ...?
236a m.s.aIII 102,6book 1659 (m.s.) saulus qui fuerat fit adempto nomine paulus
238b3aIII 109,11238b1book 1758 59 fuit: magnus poeta virgilius fuit. ni réid chene (m.l.) .:
[‘it is not easy besides’] [analysis]
239a m.s.aIII 111,1book 1759 (m.s.) ...?
240a m.s.aIII 114,24book 1759 (m.s.) iob
241a m.s.aIII 117,24book 1759 (m.s.) adiuva criste
242a m.s.aIII 121,7224book 1759 (m.s.) aarón
242a m.s.bIII 121,7book 1759 (m.s.) iulius
242b m.s.aIII 122,24book 1759 (m.s.) sancta maria
242b42pIII 124,19book 1759 221 το idem: eloquentia presciani in graecam hic ostenditur
243a m.s.aIII 124,19book 1759 (m.s.) brigita
244b27lIII 131,1book 1759 (in) ipsis: bonum hoc alter vero melior
246a m.s.aIII 134,13book 1759 (m.s.) criste benedic
246a m.i.bIII 135,7book 1759 (m.i.) nox adest
247a m.s.aIII 138,8book 1759 (m.s.) fave brigita
247b m.s.aIII 139,28book 1759 (m.s.) grácad
[‘croaking’] [analysis]
248b m.s.aIII 140,26book 1759 (m.s.) is tana andub
[‘The ink is thin’] [analysis]
249a m.s.aIII 143,9book 1759 (m.s.) ...?
249 m.i.cIII 144,25book 1759 (m.i.) Ox XV
249b m.i.aIII 146,24book 1759 (m.i.) spiritui sancto semper dignissima gloria
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 15 July 2024]