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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
8b1aII 16,17book 1331 volutus: dirivativum
8b3fII 16,188b2book 1331 lautus: diaruidigthe són
[‘this (is) derived’] [analysis]
23b29"sII 49,12book 2212 331 +concinus: (m.d.) .i. simul cano concino .is. unde concino .as
27b6fII 56,1127b2book 2331 543 est: .i. aní as .est .i. biid est hí foetsecht
[‘i.e. the est, i.e. an est is understood’] [analysis]
28a21eeII 57,1728a11book 2211 331 notantur: .i. notaitir
[‘i.e. they are written’] [analysis]
50a35aaII 118,7book 4331 presulo: verbum
52a12''iII 121,17book 4331 latendo: lateo {= E 35r6}
52a18''pII 121,18book 4331 212 +palpando: palpo lenio protracto
52a20''rII 121,18book 4331 epulando: epulor {= E 35r7}
52a21"uII 121,25book 4331 obolitus: oboleo {= E 35r11}
52a24"yII 122,1book 4331 auctus: augeo {= E 35r12}
52a36"zII 122,2book 4331 haustus: haurio {= E 35r12}
52a39"aaII 122,2book 4331 internectus: interneco {= E 35r12}
54a18xII 126,13book 4331 pectendo: pecto {= E 36r24 pecto .o. in .en}
54a35mmII 127,1book 4331 +ammittier: .i. infinitivus antiqus
54b42''lII 127,2454b7book 4211 331 furo: bruthnaigim (subs.) tertie coniugationis
[‘I am furious. to the third conjugation’] [analysis]
54b17"mII 127,24book 4331 59 furens: as coimtig
[‘that is usual’] [analysis]
58b21iII 136,10book 4331 543 aequo: verbum
63b22nII 148,19book 5331 336[?] canendo: a {verbo add. E} cano {= E 42r31}
88,26iII 191,10book 5421 331 habens: as habens
[‘which is ‘having’’] [analysis]
120a41nII 303,20book 7331 58 +infinitum: .i. a verbo alor (m.d.) ox
137b25aaII 370,4book 8331 25 541 nupta: .i. verbum femininum nubo
138a38ddII 372,1book 8331 336[?] metuturus: .i. a verbo metuo
146b7iII 403,3book 825 331 umectas: .i. umecto
148b32sII 409,10book 825 331 legendi: .i. legendus legendi
152b9cII 419,6book 8331 prostitui: .i. infinitivus pasivus
152b9dII 419,7book 8331 *prosisti: .i. preteritum regulare
155b36eII 430,16155b2book 825 331 (a) noto: .i. ondí as notus {cf. K 65r11 b á nomine quod est notus}
[‘i.e. from notus ’] [analysis]
156a18fII 431,22book 8212 331 53 calvi: pro decipi .i. infinitum pasivum ut inante ostendit {cf. K 65r30 i pro decipi .i. infinitum passivum ut post dicet}
156a42kII 432,19156a1book 8331 (a) rege: .i. ondí as rex
[‘i.e. from rex’] [analysis]
156a50nII 432,25156a3book 8543 331 consul: ondí as consulo ⁊ reliqua síc
[‘from consulo etc.’] [analysis]
156a50oII 432,25book 8331 dictando: dicto {= K 65r48 n}
156b19dII 433,17156b2book 8331 (ab) unda: .i. huandí as unda. {cf. K 65v6 c á nomine unda}
[‘i.e. from unda’] [analysis]
170b16cII 479,5170b2book 925 331 conivere: ondí as coniveo
[‘from coniveo’] [analysis]
171b8cII 482,16171b1book 9211 331 ausim: rollámar
[‘I should dare’] [analysis]
174a38kII 495,21book 10331 inquiam: futurum optativum
175b19aII 500,19book 10331 543 pario: coniugationis
182a34hII 528,1book 10331 3116 sublatum: aní
[‘that’] [analysis]
184b21dII 535,20184b2book 1025 331 facessieris: uandí as facisii ui amal ṡodin
[‘from facisii, or facissivi in that case’] [analysis]
185b35lII 540,2book 10331 fieri: .i. infinitivus
187b8eII 547,2book 10543 331 (ab) eo: .i. verbo eo
188b19kII 550,23book 11331 amator: nomen verbale
192a33fII 561,3book 11331 +pertesum: .i. compositum
195b24iII 571,12195b3book 11211 331 (a) canendo: .i. ondí as cano
[‘i.e. from cano’] [analysis]
227b39uIII 73,6book 15331 +siet: .i. pro sit
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 24 May 2024]