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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
1b28lII 2,20Praefatio51 operis: .i. artis
1b31mII 2,221b2Praefatio51 patris: aite
[‘tutor (i.e. Apollonius)’] [analysis]
2a1aII 2,252a1Praefatio51 [dignita]tis: inna flaithemnachtae
[‘of the rule’] [analysis]
2a6gII 2,29Praefatio51 arcem: principatum
7a29uII 13,267a10book 151 movent: to·ddiusgat guth n-intiu
[‘they awaken voice into them’] [analysis]
7a30wII 13,277a11book 151 immobiles: nís·tuarascbat feisin cen gutai
[‘they do not express themselves without vowels’] [analysis]
8b35ppII 18,6book 151 dictio: pars orationis
18a22rII 37,16book 151 secundum (grecos): secundum rationem grecorum {= E 14v1}
31b6lII 64,14book 2511[?] thesidae: .i. athenienses {= E 21v27}
31b8oII 64,17book 2511[?] cicropidae: .i. athenienses {= E 21v28 athenenses}
31b10uII 65,6book 251 572 romulidaeueldís: .i. romanis
39b35uII 85,539b14book 351 ad sacra: do déib
[‘to gods’] [analysis]
42b35nII 94,242b8book 351 minus (stultus): trebairiu
[‘more prudent’] [analysis]
42b37oII 94,442b9book 351 ([minus]) ineptus: bed trebairiu
[‘it should be ,more prudent’’] [analysis]
42b38pII 94,6book 351 minus (bonus): olcc
[‘bad’] [analysis]
44a3aII 97,944a1book 351 (sub) marte: fon chath
[‘i.e. under the battle’] [analysis]
52a11ccII 122,5book 451 virago: fergnia
[‘male-worker’] [analysis]
64a10kII 150,164a5book 5211 51 morantem: mall són {cf. E 42v18 .i. mall}
[‘that is ,slow’’] [analysis]
64a12mII 150,4book 551 germania: habitator germaniae {cf. M 4vb32 i habitator}
64a33kkII 151,164a14book 551 543 (terrae ..) foetus: na sothe .i. ní do·ḟuisim terra
[‘the products i.e. what terra brings forth’] [analysis]
69b30"sII 167,1669b8book 5511[?] pede (.. secundo): huand ascnam ṡóinmech
[‘with a favourable effort’] [analysis]
71b12kII 173,5book 5511[?] dictiones: partes
90a9aII 194,690a1book 6543 51 audacis (incepti): .i. denom indṡáirsi
[‘i.e. the making of the art (ars)’] [analysis]
90a9bII 194,690a2book 6543 51 difficillima: contalla obbad fair itir
[‘it does not admit of refusal at all’] [analysis]
124a11bII 317,17124a1book 7211 51 59 tetis: .i. foirggae masued
[‘i.e. the sea (Thetis) if it is so’] [analysis]
137b29ccII 370,7137b9book 851 543 bonus: .i. is fuath ṅ eperta int inbodugud don menmmain
[‘i.e. it is a figure of speech, the wedding of the mind’] [analysis]
139b40tII 376,1139b6book 8211 51 aconi[ta]: neimi {cf. K 57v9 a herbae venenosae}
[‘poisons’] [analysis]
145a29lII 398,14145a4book 8211 51 543 pedetemptim ([desolvitur]): .i. isáilgen doneprinn tractairecht forsa liquitur insin
[‘i.e. ‘gently it flows’; that (pedetemptim dissolvitur) is a commentary on liquitur’] [analysis]
155b49mII 431,5155b5book 8211 511[?] absistunt: .i. nidechrigetar {cf. K 65r18 d (m.d.) .i. nítesbanat/ ní dechriget.,}
[‘i.e. they do not differ’] [analysis]
188b32nII 551,8188b5book 1151 543 medium: .i. rann foleith .i. techtid cosmilius fricechtar de
[‘i.e. a seperate part, i.e. it possesses a resemblance to each of the two’] [analysis]
189a25lII 552,14189a5book 11211 51 appendices: (m.l.) fortachtaig/thi .i. comthór/ṅdedcha reliqua
[‘helpers, i.e. consignificants’] [analysis]
197a32hhII 578,2197a17book 1251 543 (profundae) multitudinis: .i. na ilchialla as ind óinrainn
[‘i.e. the many meanings out of the same part (of speech)’] [analysis]
208b14fIII 14,1208b3book 13211 511[?] pollicentur: nitairṅgérat .i. nisfil leo
[‘they will not promise, i.e. they have them not’] [analysis]
209b13uIII 16,23209b11book 13211 511[?] nominativi: .i. ind óin ainmnedo so .i. inchosc sulbaire an .huius ⁊ an ipsius immalle
[‘i.e. of this one nominative, i.e. the huius and the ipsius together is a mark of eloquence’] [analysis]
209b21llIII 17,6209b19–21book 13211 511[?] *liquefiunt: doneprennet .i. dú inairestar
[‘(where) they flow forth, i.e. where they remain’] [analysis]
215b23nIII 33,4215b4book 1451 572 super: artáa
[‘survives’] [analysis]
225a4bIII 62,9book 15212 51 +(per) altum: per mare
230b8hIII 82,18book 1551 +sanguis: .i. audacia
233a33eIII 93,2book 16541 51 +coniunctiva: quasi vinculum
233b2bIII 93,12book 16423 51 +composita: .i. vincula
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 20 July 2024]