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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
2b13iII 3,22Praefatio3232 earum: .i. figurarum
3a8kII 5,4book 13232 in (ipsa): .i. voce {= E 4r29}
3a20aaII 5,13book 13232 eas: .i. voces
3b4eII 6,8book 13232 hanc: .i. vocem
3b14sII 6,15book 13232 illa: .i. ylementa
3b15xII 6,16book 13232 hae: .i. literae
4a9fII 7,11book 13232 eadem: .i. litera .a. {cf. E 5r15 longa .i. a eadem a. littera}
4a36aII 8,4book 13232 eos: .i. caldeos
4b24aaII 8,20book 13232 eam: .i. csí
4b33iiII 9,5book 13232 his: .i. tribus divisionibus literarum
5a22tII 9,23book 13232 eas: .i. muttas
5a22uII 9,24book 13232 hae: literae
5a28aaII 9,27book 13232 hoc: .i. calore
5b1aII 10,2book 13232 supradictis: .i. η ⁊ ω
6a13rII 11,18book 13232 easdem: liquidas literas
6b3aII 12,8book 13232 haec: .i. litera .k
6b13rII 12,146b12book 13232 id: nihelas frie
[‘nullity beside it’] [analysis]
6b19yII 12,18book 13232 eas: f ⁊ x
6b23ccII 12,216b20book 13232 quod: aní-sin a scribend inter alias
[‘that, (namely) that is written among the others ’] [analysis]
6b35uuII 13,5book 13232 (in) eam: (subs.) notam .h.
7a20rII 13,207a8book 13232 idem: ata saini litre ar chuit cumachti
[‘that they are different letters as regards power’] [analysis]
7a32bbII 14,1book 13232 ab ipso: .i. í
7b25ccII 14,19book 13232 eam: id est í
7b32ggII 15,2book 13232 ei: .u. {= E 8r6}
7b36rrII 15,4book 13232 ei: u
8a4fII 15,8book 13232 illi: eoles
8a5iII 15,98a4book 13232 hoc (ostendit): a buith ar chonsin diuit
[‘its being for a simple consonant’] [analysis]
8a14pII 15,178a6book 13232 hoc: a buith ar chonsain diabuil
[‘its being for a double consonant’] [analysis]
8a21sII 16,4book 13232 illi: eoles {= E 8r21}
8a24zII 16,7book 13232 hoc (ipsum): ius quod fecerunt eoles
8a34mmII 16,168a14book 13232 hoc: .i. buith do .u. consoin ar guti
[‘i.e. that u-consonant should be for a vowel’] [analysis]
8b7lII 17,1book 13232 invenitur: .u. {= K 5v45 b, E 8v5 .i. (om. E) u}
8b26kkII 17,17book 13232 hoc: interpositum
9a18"ccII 18,20book 13232 *ipsa: aspiratio
9a21"hhII 19,1book 13232 tollatur: aspiratio {= E 9r6}
9a30ssII 19,79a19book 13232 eas: cárachtra na conson ⁊ in tinfith
[‘the characters of the consonants and the aspiration’] [analysis]
9b2dII 19,12book 13232 (ab) illis: grecis {= E 9r14 .i. grecis}
9b3hII 19,13book 13232 huic: ρ {cf. E 9r15 .i. ρ .i. ro}
9b10wII 19,17book 13232 huic: r {= E 9r18 .i. add. E}
9b18ggII 19,21book 13232 id: digamma {= E 9r22}
10a5fII 20,10book 13232 (hae) tres: literae
10a7gII 20,11book 13232 eam: aspirationem
10a7hII 20,12book 13232 hoc: ata medóndae
[‘that they are intermediate’] [analysis]
10a17uII 20,17book 13232 earum: consonantium supradictarum {= E 9v9 .i. consonantium predictarum}
10a29eeII 21,5book 13232 *eadem: ylementa
10a32ggII 21,710a14book 13232 4228 (hoc) idem: a neph-chumscugud. amal .l. ⁊ n ⁊ r
[‘their immutability, like l and n and r’] [analysis]
10b15nII 21,20book 13232 (illae ..) IIII: .i. l. p. s. x. {= E 9v24}
11a25iII 23,1book 13232 duo: verba {= E 10r16}
11b34aaII 24,7book 13232 supradic[tis]: o- d ⁊ t ⁊ z
11b36bbII 24,8book 13232 eam: .s. {= E 10v10}
12a11mII 24,16book 13232 ea: diptongo
12a23zII 25,6book 13232 earum: literarum vel eorum ylementorum {cf. E 10v21 eorum (sic E) ylimentorum}
13b21oII 27,22book 14228 3232 eadem: ponitur .u. pro eadem .i. o. producta
14a6bII 28,11book 13232 (hoc) idem: amittere vim vocalis vel consonantis
14a7cII 28,12book 13232 patitur: nihil
14a9dII 28,1314a1book 13232 (hoc) idem: nihil dano hi suidiu
[‘nothing then here’] [analysis]
14a14iII 29,1book 13232 eosdem: eoles {= E 11v26 .i. add. E}
14b10nII 29,22book 13232 idem: {.i. ius .i. add. E} interceptio b {cf. E 12r12}
14b21"ccII 30,10book 13232 eorum: predictorum
14b26eeII 30,12book 13232 ea: n {= E 12r20}
14b36rrII 30,19book 13232 huiuscemodi: dictionibus vel verbis {= E 12r25 vel om. E}
15a1cII 30,20book 13232 hoc: .i. imbat da .g. bete and ba .g. ⁊ n.
[‘i.e. whether there are to be two g’s there, or g and n’] [analysis]
15b16zII 32,11book 13232 (haec) eadem: .s.
15b33ooII 33,2book 13232 ea: .i. s. {= E 12v29 .i. om. E}
15b35qqII 33,3book 13232 huic: .i. s {= E 13r1}
16a31ggII 33,23book 13232 illi: .i. greci {= E 13r16 .i. om. E}
16a32kkII 33,24book 13232 ea: .x. {= E 13r17}
16b3cII 34,3book 13232 ipsa: .s. aile {cf. E 13r20 .s.}
[‘another s’] [analysis]
16b31tII 34,22book 13232 hanc: .c. {= E 13v7 .i. add. E}
16b33uII 34,23book 13232 qua: .i. ylementa vocalium {= E 13v8}
17a24mII 35,16book 13232 4226 ipsi: latini .i. more eolum {cf. E 13v24 .i. romani. more eolum}
17b13nII 36,7book 13232 illam: .i. c {= K 17b13 n}
17b27yII 36,1817b11book 13232 *hoc: .i. a suidigud in epertib grecdib
[‘i.e. their position in Greek words’] [analysis]
18a3bII 37,2book 13232 illi: .i. postremi greci
18a8gII 37,7book 13232 ei: .i. potestati {= E 14r25}
18b11hII 38,1618b3book 13232 idem: .i. a thimmorcuin
[‘i.e. its shortening (correptio)’] [analysis]
18b13kII 38,18book 13232 eas: vocales vel diptongos {= E 14v13 diptongos vel vocales}
18b25pII 39,5book 13232 *eam: .u. {= E 14v18 .i. add. E}
19a18hII 40,3book 13232 hanc: diptongum {= E 15r5 .i. add. E}
19b4aII 40,16book 13232 hoc: .i. motare ei. diptongum in .i. productam ut in huiuscemodi nominibus facitur
19b13kII 41,8book 13232 illi: .i. dores {= E 15r19}
19b20pII 41,12book 13232 542 eiusdem: .i. quartae .i. quia non producit illa .i. ante aliam vocalem ut audiam audias reliqua (m.l.) ox
21b19rII 45,1221b9book 23232 543 hoc: .i. ara tesed .b. isin sillaib tánaisi in his ar it comsuidigthi
[‘i.e. (it is not found) that b should pass into the second syllable in these (words), for they are compounds’] [analysis]
21b27ccII 45,17book 23232 eam: .i. secundam sillabam {= E 16v11}
22a1bII 45,23book 23232 has: .i. literas {= E 16v15 .i. om. E}
22a21yII 46,10book 23232 (in) eam: .i. c {= E 16v26 .i. in c}
22a29iiII 46,14book 23232 eandem: .i. f {= E 17r1 (C?) .i. om. E}
22a34ppII 46,17book 23232 eam: .i. g
22b3bII 46,23book 23232 idem: .i. transire {= E 17r5}
22b5dII 46,24book 23232 eam: .i. r {= E 17r6 .i. om. E}
22b23zII 47,8book 23232 ea[dem]: .d. {= E 17r15}
23a9dII 47,2923a1book 23232 hoc: .i. varietas immutationis ⁊ mutationis vel hoc .i. cena chomthóud .d. quod verius est.
[‘i.e. without the change of d, quod etc.’] [analysis]
23a17lII 48,5book 23232 eadem: .i. f {= E 17r30 .i. om. E}
23a29ccII 48,14book 23232 hanc: .i. g {= E 17v3 .i. om. E}
23b4bII 48,20book 23232 ea: .i. n {= K 11r45 h}
23b36yII 49,1623b7book 23232 (hoc) idem: a comthoud in .r.
[‘its conversion into r’] [analysis]
24a2bII 49,1824a1book 23232 ([hoc]) idem: .i. a comthoud in .r.
[‘its conversion into r’] [analysis]
24a12rII 49,25book 23232 eas: .l. ⁊ .m
24a16zII 49,28book 23232 ea: .i. p {= E 17v30 .i. om. E}
24a30"uuII 50,12book 23232 idem: .i. plautus {= E 18r3 platus}
24b13rII 50,24book 23232 ea: .i. t {= E 18r11 .i. om. E}
24b30"zII 51,11book 23232 eam: .i. antecidentem sillabam
25a2bII 51,16book 23232 eam: .i. sillabam
25a12iII 51,23book 23232 +(sine) eo: accento
25a16rII 51,27book 23232 eam: .i. vocalem brevem {cf. E 18r29 brevem om. E}
25a35eeII 52,14book 23232 eam: .i. muttam {= E 18v5 .i. om. E}
25b19kII 53,10book 2543 3232 dictum: .i. ideo dixi dictionem partem minimam {orationis esse add. E} .-
25b21nII 53,11book 23232 quaedam: .i. nomina vel verba
26a29ggII 54,8book 23232 eius: .i. orationis
26a m.s.nnII 54,12book 23232 ea: .i. pronomina {= E 19r5 .i. om. E}
26b2aII 54,15book 23232 eos: .i. articulos
26b28ffII 55,626b12book 23232 543 hoc: .i. proprium .i. torand folaid ⁊ inne amal ṅdond·foirde ainmm ṅdiles.
[‘i.e. a signification of substance and quality, (just) as the proper name signifies it’] [analysis]
26b32nnII 55,926b15book 23232 hoc: .i. torand gnima cesta reliqua
[‘i.e. a signification of action or passion etc.’] [analysis]
27a23ggII 55,27book 23232 his: nominibus
28a18bbII 57,15book 23232 illorum: sabinorum {= E 20r2 .i. add. E} {cf. K 13r16-7 (57,14) sabinos ... (57,15) illorum ... }
28b19aaII 58,19book 23232 haec: nomina
28b27ggII 58,2228b17book 23232 eorum: .i. inna n-anman adiect.
[‘i.e. of the nouns adjective’] [analysis]
29b18nII 60,11book 23232 quaedam: .i. adiectiva nomina {= E 20v22}
29b23xII 60,15book 23232 haec: .i. adiectiva {= E 20v25}
29b32kkII 60,22book 23232 illud: nomen
29b32llII 60,22book 23232 illud: .i. servus ⁊ filius {= E 20v29 filius et servus E}
29b32mmII 60,22book 23232 eo: .i. patre ⁊ domino {= E 20v30}
30a1cII 60,25book 23232 illo: .i. nomine .i. nox reliqua {cf. E 20v31 .i. nomine}
30a18ddII 61,9book 23232 haec (eadem): .i. quis ⁊ reliqua omnia {cf. E 21r7 .i. quis}
30a25nnII 61,14book 23232 ea: .i. infita omnia predicta {= E 21r11 .i. omnia infinitiva predicta}
30a27ooII 61,15book 23232 ea: .i. infinita nomina {= E 21r13 finitiva E}
30a29qqII 61,17book 23232 illi: .i. latini {cf. E 21r14 .i. romani}
30b30kkII 62,19book 23232 eo: .i. cornilio ⁊ marcello {cf. E 21v2 filio .i. marcello vel cornilio}
30b32llII 62,2030b11book 23232 eiusdem: .i. di muntir cornil marcill
[‘i.e. of the family of Cornelius or Marcellus’] [analysis]
31b21kkII 65,13book 23232 illos: .i. grecos
31b21mmII 65,13book 23232 hac: .i. forma in des. {cf. E 22r2 text. princ. in des}
[‘i.e. the form in ‘-des’’]
32a15pII 66,13book 23232 eas: .i. sillabas {= E 22r16 .i. om. E}
32a25eeII 67,2book 23232 quibusdam: .i. patronomicis {= E 22r22}
32b34xxII 68,16book 23232 his: .i. rebus {= E 22v13}
33b9hII 69,25book 23232 illis: .i. primitivis {= E 23r6}
33b14lII 69,27book 23232 543 haec: .i. nomina possesiva {cf. E 23r8 possessiva}
33b15mII 70,1book 23232 543 haec: possesiva {= E 23r8 .i. add. E}
34a21uII 71,11book 23232 illi: iones {= E 23r32}
34b30sII 73,14book 23232 (in) hoc: .i. nomine
35a19hII 74,22book 23232 his: .i. grecis formís {= E 24r9 .i. om. E}
36a23ccII 77,4book 23232 eorum: possesivorum {= E 24v21}
38b4dII 81,21book 23232 (ab) eis: primitivis
39a38rrII 83,21book 33232 ea: accidentia {= E 26v17}
39b32pII 85,3book 33232 haec: .i. adverbia ex quibus fiunt comparativa
40b5cII 86,23book 33232 ea: nomina {= E 27r31}
40b21iII 87,8book 33232 hoc: servare vim vocalium {= E 27v7 .i. add. E}
40b22kII 87,940b4book 33232 hoc: tairmt/echtas for .i.
[‘the passage to i’] [analysis]
41a29sII 89,7book 33232 ipso: comparativo
41b12cII 89,23book 3543 3232 *suam: dia posit
[‘from its positive’] [analysis]
42a23mII 91,23book 33232 haec: magnificens reliqua {= E 28v10 reliqua om. E}
43b42eII 97,5book 33232 (eius) positivus: .i. vetus {= E 29v13}
44b41gII 100,444b4book 33232 543 eo: numero sillabarum .i. nó it lia desillabchi
[‘i.e. or they are more than disyllabism’] [analysis]
45a2dII 100,5book 33232 supradictos: compariti ⁊ superlati
[‘comparatives and superlatives’] [analysis]
45a35tII 101,11book 33232 ea: .i. dimminutiva comparativorum
46b3aII 105,4book 33232 formam: .i. culus {= E 31r21 in culus}
46b11eII 105,13book 33232 supradictas: culus. cula. culum
48a14gII 110,3book 33232 (ideo) haec: nomina {= E 32v1}
49a2aII 112,9book 33232 (eiusdem) termina[tionis]: na
49a30bbII 113,10book 33232 supradictae: secundae
49b10fII 114,12book 33232 haec: demminutiva
50a11hII 117,8book 43232 illorum: patronomicorum possesivorum {= E 33v31 (A vel B)}
50a11iII 117,8book 43232 quaedam: denominativa {= E 33v31}
51b33"sII 121,951b10book 43232 (cum) illis: lasna anmmann. in .is
[‘with the nouns in ‘-is’’] [analysis]
51b38"uII 121,11book 43232 quidam: auctores
54b10hII 127,1554b6book 4543 3232 haec: con·ecat beta ṅdéainmmnigthecha haec inna-hí tiagta hí ster is ó anmanaib dogrés bíit-sidi
[‘they may be denominatives, or haec, those that end in -ster they are always from nouns’] [analysis]
55a40''gII 128,1555a2book 43232 hoc: tórmach tás for ainmmnid
[‘the addition of -tas to a nominative’] [analysis]
55a41"rII 129,755a3book 43232 eius: .i. iuris as·rubart anúas
[‘i.e. of the rule that he has mentioned above’] [analysis]
55b18gII 130,255b2book 43232 idque: aiccend i n-uilt
[‘an accent on the ultima’] [analysis]
55b20hII 130,3book 43232 haec: nomina predicta {= E 37r24}
55b20iII 130,355b3book 43232 idem: a n-ed nonóen aiccent in uilt indib
[‘the identical accent on the ultima in them’] [analysis]
56b1bII 131,17book 43232 eís: nominibus in .ílis {= E 37v21 .i. add. E}
56b1cII 131,17book 43232 52 eís: (m.d.) in ilis
59a12iII 137,5book 43232 illos: grecos {= E 39r25 .i. add. E}
59a17qII 137,959a8book 43232 543 hoc: ius ní dogrés do·gníther
[‘ius, it is not always acted on’] [analysis]
59a22aaII 137,12book 43232 haec: nomina
61a19kII 141,12book 53232 (ab) utroque: á masculino ⁊ feminino {= E 40v12 .i. add. E a om. E}
61a22oII 141,15book 53232 utriusque: .i. masculini ⁊ feminini {= E 40v14 .i. om. E}
62a42eeII 144,2462a4book 53232 543 hoc: .i. in coimmchlóud són .i. cach-la céin it masculina in cein n-aili it feminina
[‘i.e. the mutation, i.e. at one time they are masculine, at another time they are feminine’] [analysis]
63a24sII 147,6book 53232 hoc: nomen sal {= E 42r6 .i. add. E}
65b35sII 156,4book 53232 illos: grecos
66a1aII 156,11book 53232 illi: greci
66a2eII 156,11book 53232 potest: communia esse vel mobilia
66b25ffII 159,5book 53232 eo: .i. die
67a34"aaII 160,16book 53232 hác: .i. in is
69a17uII 165,19book 53232 idem: lucanus
69b36yII 168,1book 53221 3232 quae: princeps ⁊ municeps ⁊ parens {= E 47r29}
69b37zII 168,2book 53232 543 eorum: nominum .i. princeps ⁊ municeps ⁊ parens
70b12lII 170,6book 53232 hoc: neutur do denam diib
[‘to make neuters of them’] [analysis]
71a12gII 172,7book 53232 hoc: .i. nominativo
71a14mII 172,8book 53116 3232 *hoc: uandligudsa
[‘by this law’] [analysis]
71b6fII 173,2book 53232 eorum: duo vel C. vel mille
71b35eeII 173,1871b17book 5211 3232 preter ea: cenmathá dobrethir ⁊ alaaili
[‘except the adverb and other (parts of speech)’] [analysis]
72b8cII 175,3book 53232 his: nominibus singularibus natura vel usu {cf. E 49r29 .i. nominibus predictis quae natura sunt aut usu singularia aut pluralia}
73a8oII 176,6book 53232 haec: nomina predicta
74a4aII 178,13book 53232 eís: .i. verbis simplicibus
74b35kII 180,1674b7book 53232 221 hoc: tairissem indalarainne cen diall
[‘the persistence of one of the two parts without declension’] [analysis]
74b40lII 180,19book 53232 singulos: compositio ex duobus intigris
74b44nII 180,21book 53232 illos: graecos
75a15kII 181,6book 53232 communem: genitivum
75a20lII 181,9book 53232 [supradic]ti: alteruter {= E 51r26 .i. add. E}
75a32pII 181,17131book 53232 hoc: .i. comaitecht ceniuil dochenéul indiull
[‘agreeing of gender to gender in declension’] [analysis]
75b2aII 181,25131book 53232 ei: .i. dondí as que
[‘i.e. to that ‘-que’’] [analysis]
75b21gII 182,15book 53232 hís (nominibus): .i. plerusque pleraque plerumque {= E 51v20 .i.: in E falso pleraque: in pleraque E}
76a9gII 183,12book 53232 (haec) eadem: predicta
76b1aII 184,11book 53232 eodem: .i. nominativo {cf. E 52r23 vel aptoto vel nominativo}
77a14eII 185,22book 53232 eum: genitivum
77a27iII 186,677a5book 53232 hoc: .i. ainmnigud dind rét as mám and
[‘i.e. naming from the thing that is greatest therein’] [analysis]
77b6fII 186,19book 53232 ab (eo): (subs.) .i. genitivo
[‘i.e. the genitive’]
78a27cII 188,23book 53232 hoc: .i. vocativo {= E 53v19 .i. vocativo in .e.}
90a14cII 194,11book 63232 haec: .i. iura nominativi ⁊ genitivi
90a19eII 194,15book 63232 eius: verbi
90a22hII 194,17book 63232 haec: .i. tempora vel haec quattuor predicta .i. accusativum ⁊ ablativum ⁊ genitivum ⁊ preteritum
90b17fII 196,5book 63232 (hoc ..) plu[rale]: .i. alienigena studia
90b25qII 196,14book 63232 idem: virgilius
90b39wII 197,290b8book 63232 (ab) eis: .i. huanaib oct sa anúas
[‘i.e. from these eight above (unsu, ullus, nullus, solus, totus, alius, uter, alter)’] [analysis]
91a8bII 197,10book 63232 (superiora) masculina: unus reliqua
91a9cII 197,1191a1book 63232 hoc: .i. techt innageniten .in .i. ⁊ intobarthado in o in hís
[‘i.e. the ending in these of the genitive in -i and of the dative in -o’] [analysis]
91a11dII 197,12book 63232 supradictos: .i. genitivum ⁊ dativum
91a29hII 198,891a2book 63232 hoc: .i. buith innageniten in .as.
[‘i.e. [the] being of the genitive in .as.’] [analysis]
92b13II 204,12book 63232 frugi: :- (92b19=204,18) isti: :-
93a25iII 207,3book 63232 hoc: .i. nomine .i. homo {cf. E 58r7 .i. nomine quod est homo}
97b9cII 224,8book 63232 [supra] dictam: .i. er in .ri. motant
97b20eII 224,16book 63232 síc: .i. in .us
99a11dII 229,6book 63232 haec: .i. nomina
99a29nII 229,21book 63232 haec: nomina
99b18kII 230,2799b2book 63232 supradic[tarum]: cruthaigtheo innageniten
[‘of the formation of the genitive’] [analysis]
101a24iII 236,15book 63232 hoc: exemplum predictum
102a22iII 239,16book 63232 hunc: vocativum
102b36tII 242,1book 63232 haec: .i. composita a pede
103a6bII 242,10book 63232 (secundum) supradictam (.. declinationem): .i. secundum quintam declinationem
103a12eII 242,16book 63232 eo: .i. quies
103b38lII 245,6book 63232 illos: graecos
106a2aII 253,6book 63232 hoc: .i. nomine quod est compos
106a4cII 253,11book 63232 eius: .i. compotis
106a13gII 253,20book 63232 (huius) nominis: bovis
106a33sII 254,16book 63232 (eiusdem) terminationis: in .os. disinentia
106b10mII 255,13book 63232 *prolatum: athys
106b33ffII 256,15106b19book 63232 idem: abuith far cethramad quando est fastus .i. lebor
[‘that it is of the fourth (declension) quando etc. i.e. a book’] [analysis]
107a20kII 257,18book 63232 multa: ex nominibus quartae
107a40nII 258,20book 63232 (eiusdem) generis: masculini
108a28oII 262,1book 63232 hoc: nomen
108a40rII 262,12book 63232 (eandem) declina[tionem]: quartd-
108b20gII 263,6book 63232 212 hoc: sinus .i. vas
108b20hII 263,6108b1book 63232 211 illud: sinus .i. ucht
[‘sinus i.e. curve’] [analysis]
111a3bII 271,6book 63232 eum: catonem
111a5eII 271,8book 63232 (id) quoque: intercus
111a36qII 272,13book 63232 illos: graecos
114a40rII 283,18book 7423 3232 *eadem: ylementa
114b9bII 284,8book 73232 hae: supradictae
114b20dII 284,17book 73232 eius: primae declinationis
115a27lII 286,25book 73232 eam: literam .a
115b37tII 289,6book 73232 (in) supradicta (terminatio[ne]): .i. in .é.
116a23gII 290,20book 73232 hoc: .i. atecht in .e.
[‘i.e. their ending in e’] [analysis]
116b18bII 292,4book 73232 12 (in) hác: in prima
117a34iII 294,8book 73232 his: .i. dativo ⁊ ablativo
118a15hII 296,10book 73232 eis: .i. duobus .i
118b7aII 297,15book 73232 *idem: .i. virgilius
118b13fII 297,21book 73232 (hác) declinatione: secunda
118b27mII 298,9book 73232 idem: .i. ius sincrissis vel sinerissis ⁊ reliqua
119a25hII 299,15119a2book 73232 huiuscemodi (nominum): .i. inna n anman tiagdde in .eus
[‘i.e. of the nouns that end in -eus’] [analysis]
120a19iII 303,4book 73232 illi: .i. antiqui
121a16bII 306,13book 73232 (hunc) casum: genitivum
121a17cII 306,14book 73232 idem: .i. ius
122a23gII 310,20book 73232 hanc: secundam
125b42dII 324,7book 73232 hae: .i. quae prediximus
126a4aII 324,10book 73232 (eiusdem) casus: genitivi
134b21aII 358,6book 73232 (in) supradictis (casibus): .i. nominativis ⁊ accusativis
137a32hII 367,23book 73232 (hoc ..) casu: .i. genitivo
138a1aII 370,20book 83232 eo: (subs.) .i. casu
138a4bII 370,22book 83232 (hoc) pronomen: .i. sui
138a7dII 370,25book 83232 (haec) eadem (ratio): praedicta
138a28pII 371,14book 83232 ea: .i. quae praedixi
138b40oII 373,6138b8book 8543 3232 [omni]bus: .i. ní ecen anisiu do grés isnaib sonaib himbí cosmailius .i. anerthuasacht acumscugud
[‘i.e. this is not always necessary in the words wherein there is similarity, i.e. that they should be silent (taceri) or that they should be changed’] [analysis]
139a27eII 374,2book 812 3232 supradictís: metuor ⁊ timeor
139b27mII 375,15book 83232 supradictis: .i. genitivo vel dativo vel accusativo
139b32pII 375,18139b4book 83232 543 *haec: .i. innahí huaṅgai/nedar cesad
[‘i.e. those from which a passive is formed’] [analysis]
139b36rII 375,20book 812 3232 [huius]cemodi (verbís): .i. neutris
141a1"oII 379,11book 83232 haec: .i. predicta
143a34oII 391,12book 83232 hoc: .i. ius predictum
145a27iII 398,10book 83232 superioribus: .i. liquo ⁊ eliquo ⁊ liqueo ⁊ liquesco
146a12cII 401,19book 83232 ([ex eo]) ipso: .i. facio
147b28lII 406,16book 83232 ea: .i. presentia ⁊ futuro
148a23nII 407,17book 83232 (hoc ..) modo: .i. optativo
148a28sII 407,22book 83232 (in hoc ..) modo: .i. optativo
148a31uII 408,1book 83232 haec: .i. tempora
148b18gII 408,27148b5book 83232 541 hoc: (m.d.) .i. finitum .i. com/bad hé écrich/datu sin no/bed and .i. cu/maṅg nominis ⁊ verbi .-
[‘i.e. infinitum, i.e. that would be the infinity which is in it, i.e. power of the noun and verb’] [analysis]
148b33aaII 409,11book 83232 *eo: .i. infinito
148b43llII 409,21book 83232 eo: .i. infinito {= K 61v21 l .i. add. K.}
149a38kII 411,6book 83232 *eam: .i. formam
149b20gII 412,2book 83232 hoc: .i. in .um.
149b32nII 412,11book 83232 ista: infinita
149b40pII 412,16book 83232 idem: .i. ius
150b24kII 414,19book 83232 huic: .i. sum
151a18eII 415,24book 83232 eius: intellectús
151a37sII 416,15book 83232 hoc: .i. preteritum perfectum
152a1bII 417,19book 83232 ei: .i. futuro
152a36kII 418,18book 83232 eorum: .i. participiorum vel verborum preteriti
154a11bII 424,4book 83232 eo: .i. imperativo
156b42mII 434,14book 83232 his: .i. verbis {= K 65v19 k}
157b26hII 437,13book 83232 (ex) quibuscumque (modis): .i. ex duobus integris et reliqua
157b38rII 437,25157b8book 83232 [appa]ret: .i. as causa euphoniae immeḟolṅgai andliged sin
[‘i.e. that it is the causa euponiae that causes that law’] [analysis]
158a39hII 439,5book 83232 hoc: .i. i. correpta in .e. productam {= K 66r49 n}
158b9cII 439,17158b2book 83232 id: .i. incomsuidigud fricach naimsir
[‘i.e. the composition with every tense’] [analysis]
159a13dII 440,29book 83232 has: .i. prepositiones
159b15hII 442,8book 83232 his: .i. nominibus predictis
159b15iII 442,8book 83232 eorum: verborum
161a31fII 448,5book 83232 divisa: .i. iura
161a43lII 448,14book 8543 3232 illam: (subs.) .i. secundam personam {= K 67v48 m}
162a28iII 451,10162a6book 83232 hoc: .i. briathar do ḟoirṅded persin deirb bed/ choitchen iter huathad/ ⁊ hilar
[‘i.e. a verb to signify a certain person that is common both in singular and plural’] [analysis]
162b30mII 453,13book 93232 (supradicta) tempora: preteritum imperfectum ⁊ futurum
163a31hII 454,25book 93232 hoc: .i. verbo volo
163b17dII 455,24book 93232 (pro) hoc: .i. imperativo
163b17eII 455,25163b2book 93232 (de) hoc: (m.l.) .i. iure/ .i. buithe/ cen for/ṅgarth/id dondí/ as volo
[‘i.e. (of the) being without an imperative of that which is volo’] [analysis]
163b41rII 456,23163b10book 93232 543 huic (apponitur): .i. doberr dondligudso ifrithcheist .i. cur non fuit dechor inter primas personas
[‘i.e. (the question) is put to this law in opposition, i.e. why was there no difference between the first persons’] [analysis]
164a22"eII 457,23book 93232 (de) illo: preterito imperfecto
164a35hII 458,8book 93232 (in) utraque: (m.d.) in prima ⁊ secunda
167a2aII 465,13book 93232 hoc (idem): .i. ius .i. imdugud una syllaba
[‘i.e. redundance by one syllable’] [analysis]
167a5dII 465,16book 93232 haec: verba .IIII.
167a5eII 465,16book 93232 illa: .i. verba secundae
167a23lII 466,2167a5book 93232 hoc: airdíden gutae renalali
[‘the lengthening of one vowel before another’] [analysis]
167a37mII 466,13book 93232 ea: tertia
167b22cII 467,5167b1book 93232 543 his: .i. forcomat consoin indfrec- ndairc ante .i. in preterito
[‘i.e. they keep the consonant of the present before i in the preterite’] [analysis]
168a26fII 168,18book 53232 eiusdem: preteriti
169b17dII 474,12book 93232 hoc: .i. sto
169b17eII 474,12book 93232 eo: sto
170a18fII 476,18book 93232 hoc (idem): .i. verbum
174a14bII 494,8book 103232 hoc: .i. aio
174a33iII 495,15book 103232 hoc: verbum
177a7bII 506,14book 103232 hoc: verbo
177a24eII 507,8book 103232 hoc: .i. cubo
178b16"cII 512,19book 103232 haec: .i. participia
178b17"eII 512,19book 103232 illa: .i. verba . sub .r.
179b3aII 516,7book 103232 illo: .i. simplici .do
179b6cII 516,9book 103232 eo: .i. do
179b25eII 517,12book 10111[?] 3232 : .i. hí qui dixerunt sci*cidi
179b37iII 518,2book 103232 eo: .i. tundo
180b7fII 520,16book 103232 eo: (subs.) .i. tendo
181a19fII 523,15book 103232 hoc: .i. lego
185b42nII 540,9book 103232 eo: pario
186b18eII 543,10book 103232 hac: .IIIIa
187a22hII 545,14187a1book 103232 543 alterius: .i. .i. acht asringba désyllábchi mathechtaid/ .í re tus bid/ airdixa
[‘i.e. of the third (conjugation), i.e. provided it exceeds disyllabism, if it has i before -tus it will be long’] [analysis]
187b17iII 547,11book 103232 (in) utroque: .i. in nomine ⁊ participio
187b19lII 547,12book 103232 hoc: .i. iure
187b27qII 548,4book 113232 utroque: nomine ⁊ verbo
187b28uII 548,5book 113232 id: (subs.) .i. participium
187b40bbII 548,14book 113232 supradicti: stoici
188a5cII 549,2book 113232 ea: .. vel participalia
188a15xII 549,11book 113232 eius: .i. primitivi
188a19aaII 549,15book 113232 eodem: .i. nomine vel verbo
188a19bbII 549,15book 113232 idem: .i. nomen vel verbum iterum
188a20ddII 549,16book 113232 (ab) alio: .i. á nomine
188a20eeII 549,16book 113232 (ad) aliud: .i. adverbium
188a23kkII 549,18book 113232 illis: .i. bene ⁊ male
188a26ooII 549,21book 113232 ea: (subs.) .i. participia
188b6eII 550,12book 113232 illorum: participiorum
188b17hII 550,22188b3book 113232 543 ea: .i. nomina .i. condat anman som dano briathardi
[‘i.e. so that they are verbal nouns’] [analysis]
188b24lII 550,27book 113232 ea: quae prediximus
188b25mII 551,1book 113232 id: .i. participium
188b40qII 551,16book 113232 ea: nomen ⁊ verbum
188b41rII 551,17book 113232 his: .i. nomini ⁊ verbo
189a3cII 551,20book 113232 earum: .i. partium
190a16lII 554,24book 113232 his: participiis ⁊ infinitis
190b9aII 555,28book 113232 eo: verbo
190b16cII 556,7book 113232 haec: .i. participia
190b18fII 556,9book 113232 illa: .i. adiectiva nomina
191a3dII 557,7book 113232 ea: .i. prima persona
191a4eII 557,8book 113232 illae: secunda ⁊ tertia
191a17nII 557,21191a4book 113232 id: .i. ind .í airdíxa dobuith indib
[‘i.e. the fact that the long i is in them’] [analysis]
191b39lII 559,26book 113232 ipsis: .i. sopinis
192a22dII 560,19book 113232 eo: odi
192a37hII 561,9book 113232 haec: impersonalia
192b13gII 562,3192b3book 113232 hoc: .i. erchrae nam briathar ua mbiat
[‘i.e. the defect ? of the verbs from which they come’] [analysis]
192b25kII 562,12book 113232 (hoc) idem: ius
193a9cII 563,8book 113232 his: .i. temporibus
193a20gII 563,19book 113232 ipsis: participiis
193b12fII 564,28book 113232 quibus: participiis
193b20yII 565,8book 113232 hoc: participium
193b20zII 565,8book 113232 illis: nomine ⁊ verbo
193b20aaII 565,8book 113232 illa: nomen ⁊ verbum
193b20bbII 565,8book 113232 hoc: .i. participio
193b35ssII 565,22book 113232 his: participiis
194b35mII 568,24book 113232 quaedam: participia
194b36nII 568,25book 113232 ea: participia
195a15"eII 569,19book 113232 haec (omnia): verba facientia preteritum/ in .ui.
197a1cII 574,13book 113232 hic: in exemplo virgilii
197a32eeII 578,2book 123232 eis: .i. tertiis verborum personis
197a34llII 578,3book 123232 eis: .i. verbis tertiae
197a35nnII 578,4book 123232 +eis: nominibus vel pronominibus
197b11mII 578,18book 123232 eorum: pronominum
197b27bbII 579,10book 123232 eorum: pronominum
198a9lII 580,1book 123232 id: .i. pronomen ipse
198a37ppII 581,1book 123232 eorum: (m.d.) .i. diri/vativo/rum
198b2bII 581,7book 123232 eorum: possessivorum
198b24qII 581,26book 123232 ea: pronomina
198b28uII 582,3book 123232 ea: pronomina articularia
198b37eeII 582,11book 123232 ea: .i. possessiva
199a42iII 584,6book 123232 ipsa: .i. persona tertia
199b5fII 584,12book 123232 ea: secunda
199b6kII 584,13book 123232 ea: .i. tertia
199b23yII 585,3book 123232 utrasque: .i. secundam ⁊ tertiam
200a22gII 586,9book 123232 secum: .i. lasinfoilsigud
[‘i.e. with the demonstration’] [analysis]
201b21oII 590,17201b5book 12543 3232 hic (solus): .i. indainmnid hilair neutair ishe aóenur arecar hi .c.
[‘i.e. the nominative plural neuter, this alone is found (ending) in c’] [analysis]
201b38mmII 591,7book 123232 ei:
202b12aII 594,15book 123232 hoc: ius
202b25iII 594,1book 123232 eodem: .i. sono
202b26kII 594,1book 123232 quaedam: .i. adverbia
202b30mII 594,4book 123232 omnia (.. supradicta): .i. personas ⁊ casus ⁊ numeros
203a2dII 594,17book 123232 (in) utroque (numero): in singulari ⁊ in plurali
203a5gII 594,20203a3book 123232 543 utrunque: (m.l.) .i. cum me ⁊ mecum/ .i. no bíth leo cum/ in principio ⁊ in fine
[‘i.e. they used to have cum (both) at the beginning and at the end’] [analysis]
203a15sII 595,2book 123232 haec: .i. pronomina .i. cum nobis ⁊ cum me
203a17tII 595,3book 123232 ea: .i. prepositio cum
203a20bbII 595,6203a14, 15book 123232 haec (eadem): .i. verba asbeir sís haec eadem .i. dligeda inchoit/chennsa
[‘i.e. the verbs which he mentions below, or haec eadem, i.e. the laws of the community’] [analysis]
203a33rrII 595,17book 123232 ea (sola): pronomina possessiva
203b16oII 596,12book 123232 nomina (supradi[cta]): .i. huiusmodi istiusmodi
203b32uII 596,26book 123232 supradictos: singularem ⁊ pluralem
204b16pIII 2,18book 133232 hoc: (m.d.) .i. ius .i. habere sex casus.
204b42ffIII 3,12book 133232 hoc: .i. ius
205a3cIII 3,14book 133232 (ex) ipsis: graecis
205b6bIII 4,29book 13543 3232 [alteri]us: .i. hic
205b28lIII 5,17book 133232 eorum: pronominum
206a18iIII 6,20book 133232 utriusque: hic ⁊ haec
206a21mIII 6,22book 133232 eorum: .i. pronominum hic ⁊ haec
206b14cIII 8,1book 133232 ea: .i. neutra
206b15eIII 8,2book 133232 eius: ( . ) vel .i. alis
207a21aaIII 10,9207a10book 133232 hoc: (m.l.) .i. oinsyllabche hi/ .cui ⁊ huic.
[‘i.e. monosyllabism in cui and huic’] [analysis]
207a38rrIII 10,27book 133232 eodem: .i. libro
208a24mIII 13,5book 133232 hoc: .i. iure demonstrationis
208a33uIII 13,14208a10book 133232 53 hoc: .i. forcométas ⁊ accomol ind óintuisil ipersanaib écsamlib/ acht isinóin persin ata/comla ut inante dicit.
[‘i.e. the conservation and junction of the one case in the various persons, but it is in one person that it joins itself, as he says afterwards’] [analysis]
208a39xIII 13,19book 133232 eo: .i. vocativo
208b2aIII 13,21208b1book 133232 idque: as nainmnid
[‘that it is a nominative’] [analysis]
208b37bbIII 14,20book 133232 eadem: .i. persona
209a9cIII 15,8209a2book 133232 (in) eadem: hi sui conathuislib
[‘in sui with its cases’] [analysis]
209b10oIII 16,20book 133232 (ex) eo: .i. sono graeco ./i.
209b20eeIII 17,6book 133232?[?] *ipsius: operis sui
210b28kIII 20,10210b4book 133232 eodem: .i. feib conrerortatar is indí as quis
[‘i.e. as they have erred in quis’] [analysis]
211a2cIII 20,23book 133232 illa: pronomina
211a5dIII 20,25book 133232 hoc: .i. quis
211a21iIII 21,7book 133232 hoc: .i. ius inaequalitatis
211b12dIII 22,6book 133232 hoc: .i. nomen
211b19nIII 22,12book 133232 eius: .i. demonstrationis vel secundae personae
211b20oIII 22,13book 133232 hoc: casu vocativo
211b27sIII 22,19book 133232 ea: .i. infinita
211b33xIII 22,24book 133232 hoc: alius
211b40ccIII 22,29book 133232 hoc: .i. alius
212a17hIII 24,4book 143232 illis: .i. declinabilibus partibus
212a18iIII 24,5book 143232 illa: .i. declinabilia
212a18kIII 24,5book 143232 istis: .i. indeclinabilibus
212a22nIII 24,8book 143232 ea: .i. prepositione
212a33yIII 24,17212a10book 143232 hoc: .i. abuith ind remṡuidigtheo fodeod hicomasṅdís
[‘i.e. that the preposition should be at the end in apposition’] [analysis]
213a1bIII 26,2book 143232 haec: .i. adversum ⁊ reliqua
213a33ffIII 27,7book 143232 hoc: .i. iure
213b5bIII 27,18213b1book 143232 idem: .i. buith indaiccind in fine
[‘i.e. the accent’s being on the end’] [analysis]
214a11hIII 28,24book 143232 id: .i. predictum
214a15kIII 28,26book 143232 [ea]rum: .i. prepositionum
214a15lIII 28,27book 143232 eis: .i. adverbiis
214b20kIII 30,8book 143232 ea: .i. supra ⁊ infra ⁊ extra
215a17mIII 31,16book 143232 illarum: .i. partium
215b16hIII 32,27book 143232 eae: prepositiones
215b25oIII 33,7book 143232 hoc: .i. ius predictum
216b3cIII 35,17216b1book 143232 hoc: .i. ind aiccend do brith for antepeneuilt
[‘i.e. the bringing the accent on the antepenult’] [analysis]
216b24sIII 36,8book 143232 ea: nomina
217a1"bIII 36,23book 143232 his: .i. prepositionibus predictis
217a7"dIII 36,27book 143232 *ea: pleraque
217b30qIII 38,26book 143232 hoc: post
217b34zIII 38,30book 143232 ea: .i. prepositio .cis
218b14gIII 40,23book 143232 hoc: .i. ante
218b24nIII 40,31221book 143232 utriusque: cís ⁊ citra
219a34hIII 42,23book 143232 hoc: inter
220a1aIII 44,13book 143232 eorum: adverbiorum
220a26pIII 45,8book 143232 ea: .i. adverbia
220b10iIII 46,7book 143232 haec: .i. verba asbeir sís
[‘i.e. words that he says below’] [analysis]
220b31yIII 47,6220b7book 143232 parti[bus]: .i. cumscugud uirdd/ ⁊ aiccind
[‘i.e. change of order and accent’] [analysis]
221b29kIII 49,14book 143232 hoc: ius innatimmoircne
[‘the rule of the shortening’] [analysis]
222a11eIII 50,20book 143232 hoc: .i. pre
222b41ddIII 53,8book 143232 hoc: tenus
223b23"lIII 55,23book 143232 +illud: .i. super
223b24"mIII 55,24book 143232 hoc: .i. supra
231a29dIII 85,9book 153232 +his: (m.l.) subauditur adverbii confir/mativis
231b38tIII 87,16book 153232 +haec: .i. adverbia similitudinis
235b8"gIII 100,17book 163232 +supradictum: .i. sensum
235b25pIII 101,16book 163232 +eaedem: .i. dubitativae
235b28uIII 101,21book 163232 +(haec) eadem: .i. ne
238a17bIII 108,10book 173232 hoc: .ius ordinationis
238a19cIII 108,12book 1758 3232 eas: vel ea .i. ratio reliqua
238a23fIII 108,15book 173232 idem: ius ordinationis
238a38iIII 109,4book 173232 hoc: .ius similitudinis
240b20bIII 117,6book 173232 *illorum: speciminum
242a15dIII 121,25book 173232 his (solis): .nominibus ⁊ adverbiis
242a36fIII 122,22book 173232 supradi[ctis]: interrogativis
242b28iIII 124,8book 173232 de eo: .i. adverbio
243b8aIII 126,20book 173232 *interest: .hoc quod predixit -
244a32lIII 129,15book 173232 sibi: .substantiae
244b27iIII 131,1book 173232 (in) ipsis: (subs.) .nominibus.
244b27kIII 131,1book 173232 541 (in) ipsis: .accidentibus quia inveniuntur accidentia accidentium ut conparatio nomini
244b37nIII 131,10book 173232 eorum: pronominum vel nominum
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 16 June 2024]