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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
7b11lII 14,107b8book 1211 333 proferri (debuit): do·furgabtais
[‘to be pronounced’] [analysis]
16a33mmII 33,24book 1333 4229 *ponamus: .i. coa
[‘i.e. so that’] [analysis]
16b3dII 34,316b2book 1211 35 333 *consequatur: ma do·coisgedar {= L 17v17 c ma du·coscedar cf. E 13r20 .s. sí}
[‘if it follows’] [analysis]
18b26rII 39,618b5book 1333 4229 *fiat: co beith
[‘that it may be’] [analysis]
21b18qII 45,1121b8book 2211 333 [(oportet..)] habere: techtaite
[‘that they should have’] [analysis]
28b3dII 58,828b1book 2543 333 invicem: .i. cach ae do ṡuidigud ar alailiu.
[‘i.e. that each of them is put for another’] [analysis]
30a33rrII 61,1930a20book 2211 333 relinquere: cena sechim
[‘not to follow them’] [analysis]
31b10tII 65,5book 2572 333 consurgere: .i. bat {= E 21v29}
36a27ddII 77,7book 2333 cone[mur]: .i. imperativus
41a23nII 89,441a6book 3211 333 (esse) comparativum: .i. as comparit
[‘i.e. which is a comparative’] [analysis]
51a12rII 120,9book 4333 nota: imperativus
54a37ppII 127,354a17book 4333 211 suffire: fo·timmthiris
[‘that you should fumigate (lit. subminister)’] [analysis]
59b6bII 137,2659b1book 4211 333 significat: do·foirṅde inrucus neich
[‘it signifies the worth of some one’] [analysis]
61a29aaII 141,1961a15book 5211 333 *sint (prolata): do·r-urgabtha
[‘they had been uttered’] [analysis]
64a41rrII 151,1064a18book 5211 333 [recon]cinarier: aslentae
[‘it would be polluted’] [analysis]
68a39oII 163,18book 5333 portet: imperativus
69b29"pII 167,15book 513 333 propinques . : propinqua
74b33iII 180,1574b6book 5543 333 [com]paginem: arambé indalarann cen diall
[‘that one of the two parts be undeclined’] [analysis]
78a27dII 188,2378a1book 5211 333 usum: ararubart/ bith
[‘that he has used’] [analysis]
108b22iII 263,8108b2book 6211 333 *(non) inveniri: arananísar
[‘that it may be found’] [analysis]
114a33oII 283,11114a4book 7333 211 [decli]nare: donella nech
[‘that one declines’] [analysis]
138b1aII 372,6138b1book 8211 333 nascebatur: .i. nogigned
[‘i.e. would be born’] [analysis]
138b17kII 372,18book 8543 333 verbum: imperativum
139a34oII 374,7139a10book 8211 333 gradus: .i. as ṅgrád
[‘i.e. that it is a grade’] [analysis]
142b5bII 388,5book 8333 335[?] +stipulari: infinitus activus
147a26iII 405,10147a2book 8211 333 patere: ardaosailci
[‘that it opens it (lit. her)’] [analysis]
148a1aII 406,25148a1book 8211 333 ([possumus]) uti: .i. aramberam biuth
[‘i.e. to use (lit. that we may use)’] [analysis]
148b19hII 408,27148b6book 8211 333 esse: .i. nombíth {= K 61v6 d}
[‘i.e. that it used to be’] [analysis]
161b40wII 449,24book 8333 543 memora: .i. abamin fornaidminte ar ni reid a forgare isindea
[‘i.e. would that you would call to mind: for in the case of a god it is not easy to command him ’] [analysis]
169a28iII 472,20169a2book 9333 (dubitationis) causa: arnaroib dubita-tio
[‘that there may not be doubt (as to the meaning of mictum)’] [analysis]
185b33kII 540,1185b7book 10211 333 suffire: .i. fotimdiris
[‘i.e. that you should fumigate (lit. subminister)’] [analysis]
187b28tII 548,5187b6book 11543 333 *separaverunt: .i. condergensat rainn foleith di
[‘i.e. so that they made of it a serparate part’] [analysis]
192b12fII 562,2192b2book 11211 333 uti: arambera nech biuth
[‘that anyone should use’] [analysis]
202b23gII 593,26book 12333 sint: interrogatio
203b19rII 596,14book 12333 *servare: pro servabat
209b7iIII 16,18209b7book 13211 333 si: .i. combad .si. apud nos
[‘i.e. with us it would be si’] [analysis]
209b23ppIII 17,9209b25book 133221 333 (qui ..) sciret: iséside rodfinnad
[‘it is he that used to know it’] [analysis]
209b23rrIII 17,9209b27book 13211 333 (non) deserturum: .i. naich ṅdeirsed
[‘i.e. that he would not desert him’] [analysis]
213a26oIII 27,1book 14333 4229 *uterer: .i. co [analysis]
215a34zIII 32,3book 14333 35 habeat: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 15 July 2024]