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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
9a5eII 18,11book 14229 conso[nans]: quando consonans
16a33mmII 33,24book 1333 4229 *ponamus: .i. coa
[‘i.e. so that’] [analysis]
18b26rII 39,618b5book 1333 4229 *fiat: co beith
[‘that it may be’] [analysis]
32b22nII 68,7book 24229 vocalem: .i. ut
76a32mII 184,6book 5543 4229 et (aptota): .i. cid .i. inter
[‘i.e. what i.e. between’] [analysis]
92b10gII 204,9book 642294[?] motata: in nominativo
92b10iII 204,1092b4book 642291[?] (excepta) e: forsinṅ ainmmnid ingenitin
[‘to the nominative in the genitive’] [analysis]
101a1aII 235,20book 642291[?] peneultima: in genitivo
102b28mII 241,19book 642294[?] e longam: in nominativo
106a35tII 254,17book 642291[?] is: in genitivo latino
108b3aII 262,15book 642295[?] nata: .i. per sinagopam
111a26mII 272,6book 6543 42291[?] (et apud) graecos: 7 apud nos .i. in nominativo
111a40uII 272,16book 642291[?] necesse: apud graecos
112a13dII 275,1book 642291[?] peneultimam: in genitivo
113a44tII 280,4book 642291[?] servant: apud latinos
142a43kII 387,18book 84229 et: .i. pro
147a34qII 405,16book 84229 et: .i. in
148a28tII 407,23book 84229 infinito: .i. in
150a22iII 413,18book 84229 ablativum: .i. ante
150a31nII 413,25book 84229 imperativum: .i. per
150b17dII 414,13book 84229 instanti: .i. in
154b5aII 425,20book 84229 temporibus: .i. cum
160a20bII 443,19book 84229 *compellationem: .i. ad
161a43kII 448,14book 84229 illam: (subs.) .i. ad
166a13bII 463,7book 94229 i: .i. in
171a30fII 481,24book 94229 vel: .i. post
190a35tII 555,14book 114229 proferatur: .i. nisi
201a30wII 589,14book 124229 421 idem: .i. ut
201b20nII 590,16book 124229 nominativum: .i. per
201b26xII 590,22book 124229 compositionem: per
204b16qIII 2,18book 134229 nisi: .i. in
208b10dIII 13,28book 134229 (nominativum) habet: .i. quod
209b1cIII 16,13book 134229 accipiantur: .i. cum
210a3bIII 18,1book 134229 possit: .i. ut
212a5fIII 23,5book 134229 ego: .i. nisi
213a26oIII 27,1book 14333 4229 *uterer: .i. co [analysis]
227b19iIII 72,10book 154229 +unde: pro
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 14 June 2024]