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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
2a6eII 2,28Praefatio3223 quorum: .i. animorum
4b14pII 8,13book 13223 quae: .i. litera x
5a7cII 9,12book 13223 qua: litera
5a22wII 9,245a6book 13223 qui: .i. hit hé dod·mainetar insin indí qui reliqua
[‘i.e. it is they who think that, those who, etc.’] [analysis]
7b16qII 14,137b9book 13223 quod: .i. a n-dliged n-ísin neph-accomoil inna teora liter i-noen-sillaib
[‘i.e. that law of not joining the three letters in one syllable’] [analysis]
9a20"ffII 19,1book 13223 quod: ut minimum sonet
12a9kII 24,15book 13223 qua: diptongo
28a12qII 57,11book 23223 qua: .i. specie
33b3bII 69,21book 23223 quam: .i. sillabam
34b30rII 73,14book 23223 quos: ionas {= E 23v23}
39b39yII 85,10book 33223 543 (ex) quo: nomine
40b30qII 87,1340b8book 33223 quod: ménogud inna teora ṅguttae immalle.
[‘the hiatus of the three vowels together’] [analysis]
54a36nnII 127,154a16book 43223 quod: ind infinit .in .e. ón. bréthir in .o.
[‘the infinitive in e from the verb in o’] [analysis]
61a24pII 141,1661a8book 53223 quae: .i. it é
[‘i.e. it is they’] [analysis]
63b24oII 148,20book 53223 quorum: nominum
65b31qII 156,165b7book 53223 indeclinabilia: a triur
[‘the three of them’] [analysis]
66a5gII 156,13book 53223 ipsa: .i. bete neuturaldi
[‘i.e. to be neutrals’] [analysis]
66b16oII 158,16book 53223 plerunque: ind aimser inderb hisin
[‘that uncertain time’] [analysis]
67a18"nII 160,5book 53223 quod (ipsum): .i. nomen
93b15fII 208,19book 63223 qui: .i. nominativus as carnis
[‘i.e. a nominative that is carnis’] [analysis]
108a16eII 261,15book 63223 (ex) quo: exemplo
143b44wII 393,13book 83223 quorum: verborum
148a21mII 407,15book 83223 (propter) quos: .i. arlegend leo
[‘i.e. for reading with them’] [analysis]
158b30nII 440,7book 83223 quae: .i. omnia predicta
189b30iII 553,28189b7book 113223 quae: acenelchi
[‘its generality’] [analysis]
197b15pII 578,21book 12543 3223 qui: .i. prima
198a9nII 580,1198a8book 123223 quod: .i. anaithḟoilsigud sin
[‘i.e. that is their re-demonstration’] [analysis]
200a29oII 586,15book 123223 quod: .i. intatarcud hisin
[‘i.e. that anaphora’] [analysis]
200b22nII 587,19book 123223 quibus: viris ⁊ feminis
201a32aaII 589,16book 123223 quae: i litera
212a23oIII 24,9book 143223 quae: .i. pars
217a34rIII 37,18book 143223 prepositio: ob
220a19gIII 45,3book 143223 quorum (omnium): .i. omnium sonorum
239a24iIII 112,7book 173223 quae: ... vel omnia predicta
241a29dIII 119,1book 173223 (in) quo: discernere
244b13dIII 130,17book 173223 quae: .vocativa
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 19 May 2024]