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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
64a9hII 149,1564a4book 53111 araris: do ainmmnid {= M 4vb31 g .i. do anmnith cf. E 42v17 nominativum}
[‘as nominative’] [analysis]
65a27lII 154,14book 53111 parva: nominativus
78b14cII 189,17book 53111 lateres: .i. nominativus
93b19gII 209,1book 63111 carnis: nominativus
95b36yII 217,1595b7book 63111 313 elifas: .i. combí elifas
[‘i.e. so that it is elephas’] [analysis]
95b41ccII 218,2book 63111 313 delfinus: .i. nominativus latinus a graeco genitivo .i. delfinos
99a21kII 229,14book 63111 543 iovis: nominativus
99b10fII 230,19book 63111 543 novembris: nominativus
99b14hII 230,22book 63111 543 campistris: .i. nominativus masculinus
105b2bII 251,7105b2book 6313 3111 (a) sanguine: uandí as sanguis
[‘from sanguis’] [analysis]
105b4dII 251,8105b4book 6313 3111 (a) cuspide: uándí as cuspis
[‘from cuspis’] [analysis]
106a28pII 254,11book 63111 3116 ossis: nominativus vel ablativus a nomine quod est ossum.
111b7dII 273,7book 63111 panthoys: .i. nominativus
113a38oII 279,18book 63111 suppellectilis: nominativus
114a12hII 282,15book 63111 543 concordis: nominativus
114a14lII 282,18book 63111 543 discordis: nominativus .
119a9bII 298,22book 73111 312 idem: .i. nominativus pluralis
120b15kII 304,11book 73111 312 ei: .i. nominativus pluralis
141b14cII 383,4book 8566[?] 3111 nepos: proprium nominativus
200b3bII 586,27book 123111 nostratis: nominativus
200b3cII 586,28book 123111 vestratis: nominativus
200b10eII 587,6book 123111 nostratis: nominativus
203a30nnII 595,14book 123111 cuiatis: nominativus
203a31ppII 595,15book 123111 312 cuiatis: nominativus singularis
[‘i.e. of the passer, i.e. is it of the genus of the passer?’] [analysis]
211b21pIII 22,14211b8book 133111 312 infinitae: .i. ainmnid ilair
[‘i.e. nominative plural’] [analysis]
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 14 June 2024]