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Grammatici Latini II, p. 104: Priscian, book 3 (De comparatione, de superlativo, de diminutivo)

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Point to any link below for more information. Note that the text of Priscian below is that of Hertz’s edition, and that of the St Gall manuscript may differ. The gloss you selected is highlighted in yellow. (See introduction for further notes.)

II 104,1similiter tus tusculum. idem in aulularia:
46a20r104,146a13book 3563 tús: luib
[‘a plant’] [analysis]
II 104,2«nunc tusculum emi hoc et coronas floreas».
II 104,3nec non et comparatiua eiusdem generis et eiusdem terminationis
46a22s104,3book 33233 (eiusdem) terminati[onis]: in .us {= E 31r11}
II 104,4similiter faciunt diminutiua, sed mobilia: maius maiusculus maiuscula
II 104,5maiusculum, grandius grandiusculus grandiuscula grandiusculum, celerius
46a26t104,5book 3212 +celerius: .i. velocius
46a26104,5book 34142 celeriuscu[lus]: .- (46a27=104,6) unde: .-
II 104,6celeriusculus celeriuscula celeriusculum, unde Cicero aduerbium
II 104,7celeriuscule protulit ad Herennium tertio libro artis rhetoricae:
II 104,8«strenue quod uolumus ostendere factum, celeriuscule
II 104,9dicemus», sicut a saepius comparatiuo saepiuscule. Plautus in Casina:
46a30u104,946a14book 3211 sepiuscule: in meincán
[‘fairly often’] [analysis]
II 104,10«ut nubat mihi, /
II 104,11illud quidem uolebam: nostro uilico :: † saepiuscule peccas».
II 104,12plus quoque, quamuis a masculino uel feminino comparatiuo non ueniat,
46a32104,12book 34141 plus: " (46a34=104,13) facit: "
46a33104,12book 353 plus .. etc.: (m.l.) =|" (cf. 41a28=89,7)
46a33w104,1246a15book 3543 a masculino: cenid·ḟil comparit masculinus femininus leiss
[‘although it has not a masculine or feminine comparative’] [analysis]
II 104,13facit tamen [ut superius ostendimus] plusculus pluscula plusculum, unde
II 104,14Terentius in hecyra:
46a35x104,14book 3566[?] +hechy[ra]: nomen artis
II 104,15«primum dies complusculos»,
II 104,16et in Phormione:
46a36y104,16book 3566[?] +for[mione]: nomen artis
II 104,17«tum pluscula /
46a37z104,1746a16book 3211 pluscula: huillénu
[‘a little greater’] [analysis]
II 104,18supellectile opus est».
II 104,19lepus quoque, quod solum in us masculinum siue epicoenum disyllabum
46a39aa104,19book 3212 epicenum: promiscuum {= E 31r19 .i. add. E}
II 104,20[Latinum] tertiae est declinationis, assumit nominatiuo culus et facit
46a41bb104,20book 33114 [no]minativo: dativus


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