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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
3a13qII 5,73a4book 1541 nullo: .i. ni·astaider ⁊ ni·timmorcar fri slond ṅ-intliucta
[‘i.e. it is not fastened down and it is not checked to express a meaning’]

Old Irish elements

Word formHeadwordWord classSub-classMorph.MeaningVoiceRelative?
niní 5 [DIL]particlenegativewith other verbs
aad 1 [DIL]particlepreverb*ad-sodī-
ni·astaiderad·suidi [DIL]verbAII3sg.pres.ind.pass.holds back, keepsPassive
7ocus [DIL]conjunction (leniting)coordinatingjoining two sentences or clausesand
niní 5 [DIL]particlenegativewith other verbs
tdo 4particlepreverb*to-imm-org-
immimm 3particlepreverb*to-imm-org-
ni·timmorcardo·immoirc [DIL]verbBI3sg.pres.ind.pass.checks, controlsPassive
frifri [DIL]preposition, with acc; geminatingacc.figurative direction: purpose, aim
slondslond [DIL]
ṅ-i(n)tliuctaint(ṡ)liucht [DIL]nounm,, signification
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 24 May 2024]