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Gloss analysis

MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
216b6eIII 35,19216b3book 14543 significantiae (causa): do immdogod forggnuso
[‘to enhance significance (?)’]

Old Irish elements

Word formHeadwordWord classSub-classMorph.MeaningVoiceRelative?
dodo 1 [DIL]preposition, with dat; lenitingdat.with following vn to express purpose
immdogodimdugud [DIL]nounm, of multiplying (trans. & intrans.), enhancing
forggnusoforgnúis [DIL]nounf, form
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 20 May 2024]