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Grammatici Latini II, p. 94: Priscian, book 3 (De comparatione, de superlativo, de diminutivo)

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Point to any link below for more information. Note that the text of Priscian below is that of Hertz’s edition, and that of the St Gall manuscript may differ. The gloss you selected is highlighted in yellow. (See introduction for further notes.)

II 94,1est quando cum positiuo iunctum contrariae significationis comparatiuum
42b3394,1book 34141 quando: ,, (42b34=94,1) demons[trat]: ,,
II 94,2demonstrat, ut minus stultus pro prudentior. Terentius in eunucho:
42b35n94,242b8book 351 minus (stultus): trebairiu
[‘more prudent’] [analysis]
II 94,3«hoc nemo fuit /
II 94,4minus ineptus»,
42b37o94,442b9book 351 ([minus]) ineptus: bed trebairiu
[‘it should be ,more prudent’’] [analysis]
II 94,5pro prudentior. est tamen quando pro non aduerbio ponitur, ut
II 94,6minus bonus pro malus. magis quoque [aduerbium] non solum
42b38p94,642b10book 351 minus (bonus): olcc
[‘bad’] [analysis]
II 94,7positiuo, sed etiam comparatiuo iungitur, quando ipse comparatiuus uel ad se
II 94,8uel ad alium comparatur, ut Achilles Aenea fortior magis quam iustior et
42b41q94,842b11book 3543 com[paratur]: di·róscaither
[‘it is distinguished’] [analysis]
42b42r94,842b12book 3543 fortior: de sé insin
[‘this (is an example) de se’] [analysis]
43a1a94,843a1book 3543 iustior: .i. ar bá firianu aeneas
[‘i.e. for Aeneas was juster’] [analysis]
II 94,9Aiax Vlixe fortior magis quam Diomede.
43a194,9book 34143 fortior: " (43a2=94,9) quam: "
43a1b94,9book 3543 fortior: de alio {= E 29r7 .i. add. E}
II 94,10et comparatiuus quidem gradus ablatiuo casui adiungitur utriusque
II 94,11numeri, interdum tamen etiam nominatiuo, quando quam aduerbium
II 94,12sequitur, superlatiuus autem genetiuo plurali uel singulari, quando ipsum nomen
II 94,13singulare multitudinem significat, ut: «fortissime gentis».
II 94,14

de superlatiuo

II 94,15superlatiuum est, quod uel ad plures sui generis comparatum
43a9c94,15book 3423 superlativum: nomen
43a11d94,1543a2book 3211 superponitur: do·roscaithaer
[‘it is surpassed’] [analysis]
II 94,16superponitur omnibus uel per se prolatum intellectum habet cum ualde
43a1194,16book 34144 omnibus: ., (43a13=94,17) ut: ., {cf. K 20v7-8 ad .- > ut .- }
43a1294,16book 34144 [pro]latum: :- (43a14=94,18) sin: :- {cf. K 20v7-9 per :- > autem :- }
43a12e94,1643a3book 3543 [pro]latum: cena chondelg ⁊ a derscugud di neuch acht do·furcabar tríit feisin
[‘without its being compared and without its surpassing any (other), but it is brought forward through itself’] [analysis]
43a1294,16book 34112 intellectum: " (43a13=94,17) positivi: "
II 94,17aduerbio positiui, ut fortissimus Graecorum Achilles id est fortis super
II 94,18omnes Graecos; sin autem dicam fortissimus Hercules fuit, non adiciens
II 94,19quorum, intellego ualde fortis. tale est apud Ciceronem pro M(arco)
43a16f94,1943a4book 3321 quorum: in genitin as quorum
[‘the genitive quorum’] [analysis]
II 94,20Marcello: «simillimum deo iudico», pro ualde similem deo.
II 94,21et sciendum, quod ex eisdem formis siue terminationibus supra
43a19g94,2143a5book 3541 terminationibus: ó cach tharmmorcnib ainmmdib ⁊ briathardaib ⁊ dobriathardaib
[‘from all endings nominal and verbal and adverbial’] [analysis]
43a20h94,2143a6book 3543 336[?] dictarum: .i. in tan ad·cóidemmar di comparit
[‘i.e. when we have spoken of the comparative’] [analysis]
II 94,22dictarum in comparatiuis partium orationis fiunt etiam superlatiua. sunt igitur
II 94,23formae superlatiuorum octo: duae quidem, in quas pleraque desinunt
II 94,24superlatiua, rimus et simus, sex uero, in quas pauca desinunt, limus,
II 94,25ximus, timus, remus, fimus, nimus. et omnia superlatiua
II 94,26mobilia sunt, id est mutatione us in a faciunt feminina et in um neutra.


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