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Grammatici Latini II, p. 216: Priscian, book 6 (De nominatiuo et genetiuo casu)

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Point to any link below for more information. Note that the text of Priscian below is that of Hertz’s edition, and that of the St Gall manuscript may differ. The gloss you selected is highlighted in yellow. (See introduction for further notes.)

II 216,1ἡ Ἀβρότονον haec Abrotonum, ἡ Λεόντιον haec Leontium. hoc autem
95b3a216,195b1book 6541 221 autem: .i. acht is la grecu ata an dliged sin
[‘i.e. but it is with the Greeks that that rule exists’] [analysis]
II 216,2solet fieri adulationis causa siue diminutionis aetatis.
II 216,3in an aut in in aut on aut yn desinentia Graeca sunt masculina
95b4216,3book 653 aut on: (m.d.) ├" (cf. 96b2=220,10)
II 216,4uel feminina et producuntur omnia et uel Graece declinantur, ut Pan
II 216,5Panos (Virgilius in VIII:
95b7b216,5book 652 virgilius: (m.l.) virgilius
II 216,6«Parrhasio dictum Panos de more Lycaei»),
95b8216,6book 64111 [pa]nos: " (ibid.) licei: "
95b8c216,695b2book 6211 221 licei: .i. in pain chondai. licos enim graece lupus dicitur {cf. L 60v28 g licos graeve lupus}
[‘i.e. of the wolf-like Pan, lúkoj’] [analysis]
II 216,7uel ex genetiuo Graeco fit Latinus, mutata ος ultima in is, ut Titan
95b9d216,7book 6423 [la]tinus: .i. genitivus
II 216,8Titanos, Titan Titanis; delphin delphinos, delphin delphinis. dicitur
II 216,9tamen et delphinus delphini. in multis enim inuenimus a genetiuo
95b11216,9book 64142 delfinus: . (95b12=216,9) enim: .
II 216,10Graeco factum Latinum nominatiuum, ut elephas elephantos, hic elephas
II 216,11huius elephantis et hic elephantus, a genetiuo Graeco elephantos,
II 216,12huius elephanti. similiter hic abacus huius abaci a genetiuo Graeco ἄβακος;
95b16e216,12book 625 3113 *abacos: ab abax (m.d.) .i. genitivus graecus
95b16216,12book 64144 *abacos: ,. (ibid.) abacis: ,.
95b17f216,12app.book 63113 *abacis: genitivus latinus
II 216,13Ἄραψ Ἄραβος, Arabs Arabis et Arabus Arabi; Τιτάν Τιτᾶνος, hic
95b17g216,13book 625 *arabos: .i. arabs
95b17216,13book 64144 *arabos: " (ibid.) arabis: "
95b17h216,13book 63113 *arabis: genitivus latinus
95b17i216,1395b3book 6221 543 arabus: .i. ainmnid uathaid latindae ua genitin grecdi
[‘i.e. a Latin nominative singular from a Greek genitive’] [analysis]
95b18216,13book 64144 titanos: " (95b18=216,14) titanus: "
II 216,14Titanus huius Titani (Plautus in Menaechmis:
II 216,15«barbatum, tremulum † Titanum qui lucet Cygno patre»),


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