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Grammatici Latini II, p. 116: Priscian, book 3 (De comparatione, de superlativo, de diminutivo)

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Point to any link below for more information. Note that the text of Priscian below is that of Hertz’s edition, and that of the St Gall manuscript may differ. The gloss you selected is highlighted in yellow. (See introduction for further notes.)

II 116,1intestinorum], ensis ensiculus, ensicula, praeterea haec beta, malua,
49b40ll116,149b19book 3211 ensiculus: claidbene
[‘little sword’] [analysis]
49b41mm116,1book 3571 beta malva: (m.d.) in enigmatibus
II 116,2hic betaceus, maluaceus.
49b41nn116,249b20book 3211 214 betacius: bethech braisech genus holeris ut icidorus dicit similiter malva
[‘belonging to the beet or kale (?). A kind of herb, as Isidore says. The same is true for ‘malva’ (mallows)’] [analysis]
49b41oo116,249b21book 3211 571 malvaceus: (subs.) lemnat
[‘mallow’] [analysis]
49b m.i.pp49b23book 359 (m.i.) Caní románda .ó. is fir son
[‘is not o Roman ? this is true’] [analysis]


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